Not Just Another Ordinary Geek


When I received this skirt from CHOIES, I was a bit confused what should I wear with it. Many girls wear a peplum skirt with a shirt, blazer, and high heels. But then I got an idea to style this skirt into a 'fun and teen-ish' looking outfit with a t-shirt, colorful socks, beanie, and flatforms ! A lotttt of people say I have 2 different sides. I can look very mature in some photos, and can look very childish in other photos.. =_=. I think that's because of my face and height. But that's ok, it'd be an advantage when I'm old... hahha


When I was taking these outfit photos, I decided to wear a ribbon hairclip on my beanie. Which one do you think is better? With ribbon or without? :)





In this post, I really want to pour all of my annoyance towards lazy people who don't even bother to read. 
I might be so emotional because of my period, but actually I do feel really annoyed.

If you're following my instagram, you can see that I put my blog's url on my profile and on every photo of my new outfit post. I sometimes say "please read my blog for more details before u ask". U know, I always try to write where my stuffs are from on my blog. But some lazy asses can casually ask me "where do you get this bag from?" or something like that. In the bottom of my heart and brain, I was like.. "HELLO? Are u blind? Can't u see that I've clearly wrote that you can VISIT my blog to see more details first BEFORE you ask?!?!" but fortunately I didn't do that to those people and chose not to answer them instead.

If it were me who's curious about someone's stuff, I'd try to read the caption of the pic carefully, check his/her blog first, or even ask google. I'd be very ashamed if I left a comment on someone's photo about something that has clearly been written there. So please, BE SMART and PAY MORE ATTENTION... Geeeezzzzzz


Okay, enough with my nags, now let me finish this post with a pic of my happy feet! This pair of flatforms from Sammy Dress is just so cuteee and comfy. Do visit Sammy Dress to see other cheap yet beautiful shoes/clothes. If you're Indonesian and not familiar with international shopping, you can check this post or contact their customer services if you're still confused. That post was made by me and that's the furthest I can help. :)


Instagram : verenleecious
Twitter: veren_lee


  1. I love that shirt, your outfits are always really nice !

  2. OMG dear! u look so cute and pretty! your hairstyle looks good on you ;)

    cheer, michelle

  3. Cuteeeeee! Love your shoeess<3
    You also got a lovely beanieeee ><

  4. Superr cute

  5. nice outfit! yeah I also got a question from my reader regarding where I got the stuff from. I replied: 'I put the details there.' I kinda feel they only comment because they wanna be commented as well. anyway.. have a good day veren! just don't mind them :)

  6. Yay for your outfit! Have a great day Veren! <3

    Nikka | Your Ordinary Doll

  7. I totally feel you! I'm so pissed at people who ask without even bothering to read too! It happes like all the time. Anw, love how you match the peplum skirt with sth more casual like that t-shirt!

  8. This is the coolest outfit. Your skirt is gorgeous and I LOVE the GEEK t-shirt. I want one! I know what you mean about people not reading - it's SO annoying, but what can you do, eh? Grrr!


  9. cuteee! Maybe I should try it ;p
    visit mine in ur spare time

  10. love this outfit ! and love your ribbon clip >.<
    totally agree with you ! peoples are just lazy to even read someones caption and that annoyed me

  11. love this look! and ah! the shoes as well:)

  12. i have the same socks haha! much pretty outfit (:

  13. Love the outfit so much veren <3 Love the beanie and the fun colors! <3 xx

  14. looking cute!!
    love the skirt! <3

  15. So cute! Perfect colorful match ♡

  16. Veren is a cute geek ;) ketemu yuk dede veren =D

  17. ah how cute <3
    btw, can u followmeback? im ur 'fan'! haha lol xD

  18. "I'd be very ashamed if I left a comment on someone's photo about something that has clearly been written there."
    Haha! Totally agree, Veren!! Don't forget those annoying "Cek IG aku yaa..." -___-
    Anyway, lovely outfit as always! Love how you mix your shoes with that rainbow colored socks <3


  19. this is super fun looks!
    those shoes too, soooo adorable <3

    Wulan Wu on

  20. love your outfit <3

  21. Lovely post! Btw lol ur nags is SO TRUE!


  22. yeah it get so annoying sometimes, by the way i love the pop of colors on this outfit, love! xx

  23. super cute look ver!! love the skirt and shoesss <3<3

    Letters To Juliet

  24. This is the first time I see a peplum skirt styled like this and I love it! A change's always welcomed ;)
    And you're right! If you do want to know where something's from you make sure to read the text in the post! It's annoying as a reader as well -.-

    Have a nice day,

  25. love the yellow flatforms ^^


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