The Ugly Truth

Last Monday I had a bad experience. My sport teacher, threw a ball to me (tried to hit me) and mad at me because I touched my nails when he explained something. I really had no idea about this. I listened to him, I didn't make any sound, why did he hit me with ball?
He said that I'm a bad student, and I'm not a good example for my friends as the leader of osis (yes, I'm the leader of osis in my school). He also said 'If you want to paint your nails, go home!!". Wait.... so you think if I touched my nails it means I wanted to paint it??

ok, I didn't mean if I didn't admit if I made a mistake, but what made me angry is, why should he be that rude for a simple problem, Why did he say those 'hurting' words? Was my mistake that big? Until he hit me with a ball?
I know I can't do sports. I can't run fast, I can't jump highly, all I can do is dance But it's too harsh to say those words to his student, especially for a girl.

Mr.T, You're a teacher, I thought you know what should you do and shouldn't. I also thought a teacher know if he/she must think first before saying something. If you said I'm a bad example, what about you? This wasn't the first time you did something like this to me. Weeks ago, when I was going to join a dance competition against senior high school students/older, you said like this , "Are u sure if you could do that? Let me ask, Who's better , you or shs students?". Oh teacher... I thought it mean you're doubting me and my team... Few Months ago, You also doubted about my skill. when I told you I wanted to join an aerobic competition, you said "Do you have an ideal body?". Thanks a lot for those words!!!
I also knew if Last Thursday the headmaster made a suspension to you because she caught you mocked a student (my friend from other class). My friend told me if you said "you have pig's feet and body. You can't even lift your foot!". Until now, I can't believe why could you become a teacher . So, I hope you'll buy a mirror, and think again. Who's the bad example. you or me.


Sorry for being so emotional, I couldn't help my self to write down it all on this blog. 
Please enjoy my latest outfit photos below :)



shirt - zara kids, high waisted shorts - unbranded, wedges - UP





I gotta off now, I'm going to do a dance performance at pius shs' prom night tonight . Wish me luck!
by the way, The giveaway is officially CLOSED. I will announce the winner tomorrow. have a nice weekend :)


  1. this is so mean from him! cheer up, keep smiling, I'm sure your friend hasn't pig feet or something and I think you're really cute and beautiful, don't listen to him!

  2. whoa.. your teacher is so rude.. he must be fired from school..
    be strong ver!

    cute shorts+belt anyway :)


  3. Wow that teacher should be suspended for life! He's too rude! Good luck for the performance!
    Anyway love your simple outfit! <3


  4. i really want to kick him!! aarrghh
    be strong pretty! :D

    and i like your outfit! especially your wedges! :D

  5. Just ignore the rude teacher like him. Impolite person will never get place in every human's heart&thought.
    You better just dress up as pretty as the pic on this post everyday lol :)

  6. Aww you're such a cutie pie haha!

    Anyway, do cheer up about the conflict that happened with you and the teacher! It seemed like such a silly thing a teacher would do anyway :/

  7. Leadership by example.
    Well, you have to prove him wrong then! :)

    Be nice and forgive the people who hurt you. Did you know whenever you get angry, you tend to look ugly? Do you want that to happen? Then smile and prove to him that you're no ordinary little girl. :)

  8. Pffft what a meanie jerk of a teacher!
    I guess he's in a bad mood that day...
    But anyway, don't let you get discouraged of his words!!
    Dancing is a good skill :)
    I love those wedges btw xxx

  9. you always look cuuttee like youu so much! :))

  10. I love your outfit, your shoes are adorable. I don't like mean teachers. I've had my fair share of horrible ones, but by the sound of it, yours takes the cake. How unfair!

    Good luck with your dance performance!


  11. Well, your teacher is so mean! Don't take it seriously about his words! I love your outfit!

  12. cheer up, girl. you don't have to be worried about it. those words aren't deserve to remember. I think you're just amazing the way you are :)

  13. haha i'm agree with janet's comment :)
    do your best dear :D

  14. just ignore that rude silly teacher, Veren. We all know you have your skills and you are good in it! :)
    lovely pictures! <3


  15. OMG. you should totally talk to your school counselor and your parents about this. his action was unacceptable. be strong! you're nothing like what he said! :)

  16. Hi, Veren. Wow... pretty harsh by the teacher there. A teacher throwing a ball at you for doing your nails during gym class? That's foul. Sorry you had to experience this. I don't think that would ever happen here in the United States. On a lighter note, your shorts and wedge sandals are cute. Same goes for the shirt. You also have such a cute smile, a cute face, and lovely hair.

  17. You look ADORABLE! First time I visit your blog and ur gret girly!

  18. Your teacher is an insecure man. He must've been dumped by girls, and felt annoyed by cute girl like you.... (might not be wrong), but don't bother, people have their ups and down moment.

  19. gawww..your teacher! oh no,a man like that shouldn't be called a teacher at all, he's being so rude to you! what's wrong with his attitude man?

    I think you should reallk talk this matter to someone that has more power, at least someone must teach him a lesson...despite he's being a teacher himself.

    I've been there too, and it's a same! it was my sport teacher too. should every sport teacher behaved like that? O_____O

  20. Thanks for the sweet comment, Veren.
    I love your look. Plaid tops are nice these days and I really adore your shoes. Once I get back home I will certainly get some of UPs :)


  21. can't believe a teacher said that, that is rude. but afterall, just show him what you can do and that you're far better than he expect you are.

    anyway love the shorts! been looking for the perfect white shorts for a while haha.

    and if you dont mind, please re-link me at
    thank you veren <3

  22. wah kamu ketua OSIS? hebat :D yeah, Indonesian teachers are like that, LEBAY. at least he have learned his lesson so, cheer up :

  23. Woah~! Such a bad teacher he is!

    Well, lot of teacher are like that. I had one too when i still a junior high..^^a

    Tapi sungguh deh, ini keterlaluan. Bukannya guru seharusnya jadi contoh yang baik ya?Kok bisa sih dia ngata-ngatain muridnya?kalo dia gitu terus bisa pengaruh ke self-esteem murid2nya..ckck..

    Kayanya kepsek kamu harus mengevaluasi lagi nih, apa guru ini masih pantas ngajar sebagai guru. Kalau dibiarin terus dan cuma dikasi hukuman doank, ga bakal bikin guru ini kapok!

  24. i think it's best to just report him to the principal....
    cheers veren. dont let him ruin your precious day(s)

  25. wow.. your teacher is so mean.. but this is never gonna let you down! cheer up girl! i love those shoes :D

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  27. You are so pretty and creative dear!! Im following for sure...


  28. I love your blog so I am now a member! Nice outfit!

  29. pfft, stupid teacher! Good luck for the performance!
    and lovely outfit; ♥

  30. Talk about this to your classteacher, principal and parents! A teacher can NEVER hurt students physically and throw a ball at them. And a teacher can't also hurt students mentally like that. It's not good. I mean it. You have to do something! Good luck! :)
    Also, what's OSIS?

  31. thanks for your sweet comment, dear. yes, i can't wait to be a mommy :D
    anyway, your teacher is so rude and i think you should tell it to your headmistress! he's so mean >:/

    ps. love your wedges with the shorts <3

  32. I'm so glad hearing the teacher got suspended. HE DESERVES IT! No teacher should treat students like that in any circumstance.

  33. Lovely photos :)
    I like your blog !
    If you like french fashion, you should visit mine, and maybe follow me if you like it ;)


  34. aww ure so cute , i love ure @IWearUp wedgess :D

  35. wow, these wedges look cool!! Really like them!! :D

    Stop by some time:D


  36. You're so cute! :>

  37. your teacher is so rude! screw him!!

    anyway, you look super cute! as usual ;)

    cheer up cutie <3

  38. wew, i just checked and read this. what an a**hole (i shud watch my mouth cos im talking to a very young girl) hahaha.

    but seriously, he's a true a**hole!
    maybe he wanted to join the dance competition as well but since he cant and can never will, he put his anger on u. he's just jealous. shame on him! u go girl!

  39. you look really cute!!

    your teacher really sucks. D: how can he do that to you? and you didn't do anything major. Omg, can't believe it.
    Thanks god, my teacher's are mostly very lovely people.

  40. maybe he just want you hear him :)
    but I proud with you, you're so fashionable, smart, young, and waww !! leader of OSIS.

    keep your good work, sista :)
    anyway, I love your wedes.
    very nice.
    and cute :D

  41. He should proud of you. maybe he just envy to you because you can make people cares about you :)

    xoxo, Beauty Splashes

  42. love your blog and you are absolutely cute..

    check out my giveaway for a valorie clutch and glamour tshirt:


  43. he's probably having PMS or something -_- he's mean! C'mon.. you're not that fat~!
    and you are something! You're stylish, young, and the leader of OSIS~. ppl has their minus and plus too!
    your wedges is <3333 ^^

  44. Oh, don't worry, dear... There's always one or two troubled teacher in each school every year... You can't expect everyone to be like Mr. Schue, can you? Sometimes it's Coach Sue Sylvester too.. Wait... I'm watching too many Glee episodes... LOL .. but you know what I mean, dear, the most hatred teacher/person is the one who suffers the most inside. So you must be proud of yourself, he is jealous of your youth, your achievements, and your energy.

    I was once thrown a piece of chalk too while in classroom for doodling. It hit me right in the head and get the whole class laughing. I make living from drawing now. :D Maybe you can open up a nail salon someday and invite Mr T for a manicure to release some of his tensions.

  45. that is one mean mean mean teacher! you should've hit him back with the ball! haha i;m just kidding! i don't wanna get you in trouble for my advice! heehee


  46. Honeyyyyy .... you are incredibly CUTE! I'm following. DEF!

    Love this whole outfit, from bottom to top <3

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  48. Cute outfit!! :D
    You got a new follower!

  49. Well, I'm sorry that it happened to you, dear.
    Many people do what they do not because they WANT to, but because they HAVE to make a living. Maybe your teacher really hates being a teacher but has no choice because he needs the money.
    Now, you are lucky that you have parents who love you like a princess and from your pics I can tell that you have no problem with money. You are cute, you have an amazing blog, you are loved by many, you have a world going on for you. So next time someone is being rude to you, think, he/she might do that because their life is not so great as yours, and you do NOT want to be in their shoes. It doesn't make it right to be rude, but remembering how blessed you are, it can help put everything into perspective and you can deal with the situation with dignity, poise, and self-respect.
    You know, some people are being very cynical to me, too, for my overseas education. They said I'm a rich spoiled girl who lost touch with reality. Well, I'm definitely not poor, but I'm not rich, either, so I don't see the point of their claim and just smile.

    Last, a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "No one can take away your dignity, unless you give it to them. "
    And "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

    Enjoy your holiday in Jakarta!
    Sorry for being so "big sister" cerewet, hope you won't mind. :)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season


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