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This morning I opened my instagran feed and read Marilyn Monroe's quote ; "To all the girls that think you're fat because you're not a size zero, you're the beautiful one, its society who's ugly."

I have to say I'm agree with what Marilyn Monroe said. It's not a problem if the person who gets the comment is a strong and the 'i-don't-care-what-people-say-' type. But truthfully and actually, most people in this world do care about what others say about them and those judgements that they got can make them feel insecure, not confident, or even pressured. Those anorexia girls or those people who did suicides, who made them like that? Of course it's the ugly society. It starts from a comment that hurts one's heart and start pressuring them.

The ugly society keeps growing everywhere. It can start even from your neighbors, your friends, and now the internet where you can just go anonymous and leave a hateful message. That ugly society is the ones that always say whatever they want, say to people to "be your self" and yet still judge the others. 

There's another example of an ugly society. And this example is the 'kepo' kind of society:
"Someone left a comment on a rich girl's instagram where she uploaded her photo with her luxury stuffs; "You're so arrogant. You should donate your money to those who are in need rather than buying luxuries.""

That kind of people hate to see others' happiness, envy on them, and at the end they will criticize all they want, think they're the right ones where the fact is they are not close with the person that they criticized.

What I mean is, they judge people by a picture, without knowing the person in real life. It's the girl's own money, although it might be her parents', but her parents let her buy it, right? Because it's hers, of course she's free to do anything she wants when no one around her feels bothered with it. Why do those people hate on it? She might be donating in real life or do charities even though she never shows it to the public.

I just can't stand the ugliness of that kind of society. Those people with rotten mouths should change their attitudes and mind their own business. Yes, all of us judge each other and some thoughts will always come across our minds when we see something, BUT, You can't judge people so easily especially when you don't know them in real life. If you're envy, don't make it as a hate, make it as a motivation to work harder. When you think "why am I not rich? why don't I get achievements like her?" , you shouldn't hate her, you should work harder and achieve your own dreams. You're not going to move forward if you're just envying people and hating on them. Because envy and hate will not make you succeed. Those will only make you stay at the bottom.


Okay, enough for the absurd ramblings, and here's the detail of my outfit:

  • new era x hello kitty snapback
  • wolf printed sleeveless shirt from Wanderlust_store
  • denim circle skirt from HerSpot
  • maroon socks from forever21
  • mustard platforms from june+julia





  1. superrr adorable stuffs deh verenn! ❤
    you look pretty :D

  2. really nice thought of you Veren.. There's always be bad people out there, so we just have to keep doing what we doing because giving attention for them is just something useless.
    cute cap btw! (:


  3. i love how you pair maroon and mustard!!!

  4. Yeah, ugly society made the world's getting worse with their rotten mouth, lovely skirt anyway :))

  5. love the socks ! maroon is my fav color and love your outfit ci :)

  6. cool top! and so agree with that marilyn monroe quote :D

    cheer, michelle

  7. I love that printed top! so cute <3
    Agreed with your thoughts

  8. Cute outfit! I love your cap and the shirt. Great <3

  9. Veren, I absolutely agree about how people judge you so fast without trying to get to know you first!
    I guess we all experienced it once in their life..
    and the best we can do is don't let anyone dim our sparkle, right? cause right now you look absolutely dazzling :)
    love the hearts all over your denim skirt!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  10. i agree with u that some ppl are rlly kepo.. hehe, sometimes social media is for sharing not showing, but some ppl rlly misunderstand that :) anw love the tees! and the skirt is so cute and rlly suits u <3

    Missing Bee

  11. agree veren!!!!!
    love the heels! also love how you match it with maroon socks >_<

  12. nice combo veren! totally love your shoes and your shirt! :)

  13. Very true words expressed by you, Veren. Society and life can both be immensely cruel.

    As for your outfit, this is yet another cute outfit! Really love the loafer pumps and the skirt. Your hair is also pretty to go along with everything. The focal point of this outfit is the wolf shirt, and I think that is a very nice-looking top. Sweet outfit!

  14. I agree with you, Veren. Anyway, where did you bought your cap? and how about following each other? I've followed you. Wish for a followback.

    Eka Theresia♥

  15. wow, i love your outfit - especially the top! you look gorgeous :) i really enjoy your blog so far. if you like mine too, do you want to follow each other? xo jess

  16. Oh, this is not what I call absurd rambling! ^^ I agree with every thing you wrote, especially the part which says we have to work hard to achieve something, not to hate. But you have to understand it's easier to judge and hate than to accept and change. Marilyn Monroe is one of my biggest inspiration, and even thought I daily read her quotes I still get influenced by the ugly society.. ;(
    I love your make-up in this photos!

    Have a nice day,

  17. Wow, you look so cool!
    I love your skirt and shoes!

    amazing sense of style
    UK High Street Fashion

  18. amazing outfit,you look so cute :)
    would you like to follow each other?
    i always return the follow :)

  19. you look so cute and you rock the style so much! yes, it is true that we all care and get disappointed, but I'm sure we then get up again because wheel of life doesn't stop at the top nor the bottom, it rotates everytime :)

  20. first of all, cute look! you look pretty as always :)
    and i'm a victim of those all society cruelty, most of the time i feel like i'm really really fat and i'm not good enough. But the society is really getting uglier everyday, all the envying and judging. Gosh.

    Pudding Monster

  21. Look cute! Love your braid. <3


  22. that is totally not an absurd rambling veren. that is such an incredible thought that you have. i'm impressed with your thought :)
    i hope there are more girls out there thinking like you.
    nice outfit, cute braid, and incredible thought :)

    a thousand word (blog) | twitter | instagram

  23. that is so true what you wrote here veren. the society really is ugly and I feel the pressure too now a days, how people judge my actions or underestimate it. But we should take it as advices, not complains. but i know it's not easy to close our eyes and ears, to be blind and deaf. well, goodluck for us in this crazy and kepo world :)

  24. YES I agree much to your thought about ugly society because I also do hate kepo people :S
    very2 annoying and interfering...

  25. oh totally agree with this . some people just judge without knowing who that person really is. sometimes jealousy can go a long way, but by being haters, it just show the public of how insecure and how negative they are

    anyway i like the shoes on you!

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  26. i love your top <3
    look cute on you veren !
    and of course i agree with it's the society who is ugly not ourselves ;)
    as always i love your look !

  27. So cute!!♥♥

    Don't forget to check out my new advertorial post!! ♥♥


  28. ahh I wish more people will think and feel the same as you veren :)
    love your words !

  29. PREACH !!!!!

  30. I agree with you “^_^ .. Love the shoes :)

  31. well said Ver, there a lot of people criticizing by staying as an anonymous, just to let someone down because of their jealousy, i truly hate that kind of people. anyways i love your top and skirt, lovely! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  32. woooof that wolf top looks so stunning aaaah want it!

  33. I agree with you “^_^ .. Love the shoes :)xxoo prom dress


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