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The reason why I didn't post anything for around a week is because I was busy with school. I had lotsss of tests and assignments this week, and I didn't go anywhere beside school and tuition places (that's why I had no outfit post).
Yesterday I went out with my sister and nephew to have dinner. And this was my outfit. 

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It's just another simple outfit actually. It's just a quick dinner, and I didn't want to wear something too much. I took the pics at 5pm and to cover my sleepy eyes, I wore sunglasses, so please don't wonder why I wore sunglasses for a dinner. Hahahaha

I wore my new yellow sweater from my sponsor Red Cherry, ikat shorts sponsored by Shop at Noona (a perfect destination to those who love batik & ethnic prints), creepers sponsored by Oasap, necklace sponsored by Greentelee Shop, and bag+sunglasses by forever21.

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It's finally Saturday. Rather than going out, I choose to stay at home. My parents are away for a short trip and I'm just too tired. I just want to hibernate like a bear, charge my energy for another week of tests and assignments. ==".
My junior high school life was too simple. The teachers were kind enough and rarely gave me assignments, and that's why I feel like senior high school life is just so different and I'm still trying to adapt. 
In Senior high , I also want to be more active. I signed up to join the school committee, had the interview session, and yesterday they announced the list of grade X students who are chosen, and I'm in! yay! 
Although that means I will be busier, but I just like to be in an organization. It's a certain consequence for me to manage my time when I signed up to join the school committee. So please..... wish me luck!!


  1. So pretty! Love the shorts!


  2. nice outfit !
    love your shorts' color :))

  3. you look so cute :)

  4. pretty short <3

  5. Congrats on being selected to be part of the school committee! I am currently in my school committee also and find it self satisfying as I am trying to change the school into a better place :) I love your shirt btw!

  6. cute as always dear Veren!
    so you join the school committee? good luck with it Veren, hmm, even thought it's tiring, a busy activity is fun! believe me ;)

    visit my little cream button♥

  7. love those tribal shorts! lovely <3

  8. Hang in there in Senior High school, Veren Lee! Best wishes to you.

    This is a very cool outfit with the teal and aqua ethnic print shorts, and this sweater is nice, too. I like the necklace as well as the elevated oxfords. Very cool look!

  9. goodluck Veren! school committee is fun! :D

    btw, nice sweater! :D love it!


  10. good luck w school stuff ver, you can do it hwaiting~! and omg love your shorts, you look adorable and pretty peren! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  11. Nice outfit, you look beautiful :)
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  12. wish you luck veren.
    don't forget to still care to ur family, though u'r a busy girl. LOL

  13. i love the shorts ! super cute !

  14. Nice outfit veren! Love the shorts XD casual yet adorable! xx

  15. aih lovely short! it looks comfortable!

  16. Hi Veren,

    Senior high is very fun, I miss my senior high so much!
    And you're very pretty in that outfit :)

  17. Nice outfit, looks like a fun outfit to wear while hanging out with friends or going to the beach.

  18. love how summery this outfit is!
    makes me miss the warmer weather =P
    you look adorable as always hon!

  19. Aww the short is so cutee >< and love the stripes top!! <3

  20. you look so stunning. anyway you always rock the clothes you wore.
    ah and i wish you luck for high school life. enjoy!

  21. hemm... seem so beautiful..;)
    Like your outfit so much.. Let's follow each other.

  22. Loveee your top! ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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