Some little updates

1. I feel guilty for not updating the second part of my Japan travel journey (yet). I just haven't gathered my determinations to write the post... But I promise I will do it before this year ends! Hahaha.

2. I'm currently on my last term of diploma degree, but I feel quite unproductive. This term I only got 2 subjects. Business portfolio (practicing a lot of Adobe InDesign skills to make layouts, cv designs, etc.) and Fashion Enterprise (producing our own brand, where the collection will be judged, shown, and sold next August). I got assignments and meetings with my team-mates for our brand, but they're still manageable thus I spend a lot of time at home. My lecturers said you'll get really really busy soon. If what they said really come true, please wish me luck! Hahaha.

3. Due to my unproductivity, I encountered a new interest, which is reading on It's basically a site of question and answers, but the topics are very interesting and vary from serious to non-serious questions. There are many times where I gained new knowledges from the people there too.

4. Eid Holiday is starting really soon! I don't have any plans yet, but I'm thinking for a staycation in a hotel. I'm not going back to my hometown because my parents are going here. I found a quite nice deal from a certain hotel. The package includes free breakfast & spa treatment. I really want to book the deal for my parents (+me! the single intruder! LOL!) as their wedding anniversary gift, but they said the price is too expensive. To me, I don't mind spending that amount as I'm not someone who want to save money as much as possible. I want to enjoy the moment while we still can. I love my parents toooooooo much and I think they deserve it. So, should I??????



  1. yes quora is addictive

    no 5 you should! (:

    style frontier

  2. Totally agree with you! They really deserve it 💕
    Visit mine

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  4. Good luck for your last term!^^
    Yes you should :)

  5. Semangat Untuk Tugas Akhirnya. ^^ Hope You Enjoy your holiday time with your family and kembalikan semangat utk Update blognya lagi hehe

  6. Hi Veren! It's okay you can always post your next holiday update anytime you feel like it ^^ I kinda miss the way you used to blog though, before college life started. You sounded so passionate about everything :( But that's life and it happens to the best of us! So I hope you will go through everything you're going through right now and well, everything the best for you! xx


  7. I've been following your blog since.... 2013, I suppose? You're younger than me, I have different taste with you in fashion, but I like how you always update your activities on the internet. Just take your time, Veren (even though of course I want you to keep posting hehe). It's been awhile since the last time I read your blog too, but it's good to know that you still write here.

    Keep being healthy, Veren!


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