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If you're following my twitter, you must have known that I had a strange dream last week. In my dream, there were 10 black poodles in my house and there's someone who told me that among those poodles, the 2 of them were actually pigs. Those poodles didn't bark at me nor ran to me, they look tame. I was so puzzled about that dream and told my friend when we had a chit-chat. I guessed that my dream actually meant that I have 10 good friends who are always support me, but 2 of them are actually black (have two faces, act good in front of me, but behind me they mock me and try to turn me down). My friend said that he has an aunt who's able to guess the meanings of dreams, and he would ask her and lemme know the following day. And guess what? My prediction was true! His aunt said the same thing like me. His aunt said that I must be careful and don't ever 'fall down to the black hole' guided by 'that' bad friend.

I just can't believe there could be some people who have bad plans to their own friends.. I have a classmate who makes me feel uncomfortable by his actions, and I don't wanna get closer with this person cz even one of my best friends said this person has had plans on me... T_T.
I'm so sad and don't understand all of this. I'm that kind of person who forgive easily and let bygones be bygones because I just hate a 'cold-war' situation T-T.
However this taught me a lesson not to trust and get too close with anyone easily.

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Now let's discuss about this outfit.
As the cat prints stuff is so happening right now, I picked this cat-printed sweater from sheinside. I paired the sweater with my new houndstooth skirt from picnic. I don't usually wear a pencil skirt like this because I used to think this kind of skirt will only make me look older (cz many people use this skirt as a work attire). But now I think I was wrong! I found a way to make this skirt suits my age by pairing them with sweater, wedge-sneakers, backpack, and a cap! Hehehe. I know, my turquoise cap seems to be out of place from this outfit. I just wanna give a bright color to my 'oh-so-white' looking outfit. Hehehe.  I know, I've been wearing my wedge sneakers so much lately. But I just love it so much because they look chic, make me taller, and comfortable :)

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  • sweater c/o sheinside
  • skirt c/o picnic
  • wedge-sneakers & belt : asos
  • backpack c/o romwe
  • cap : elstinko
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  1. Even thought the skirt does make you look more mature, the combination with the sweater and the cap makes it a refreshing outfit. I really like it ;)
    Your dream was strange indeed. I would have freaked out probably, luckily (or not) I don't remember my dreams. But I find it amazing you manage to interpret the dream. I always thought dreams are a message from our subconscious and if it's ok for me to speak out my opinion, I think you may already know (deep down) who those two friends might be. So be careful. It's nice to have friends you can count on but most people are simply.. not to be trusted :)

    Have a lovely day,

  2. this is really cute and surely suits your age :) just be careful to those toxic friends, they have a plan to take you down. Keep your head up Veren!

    Pudding Monster

  3. cute jumper Verenn >.< also love your houndstood skirt!

    Missing Bee

  4. Love the caps!! <3 haha elstinko no?
    Hmm I never really believe about dreams meaning, because I had a dream where I lost my tooth (which is believed as bad thing) and I was terrified for months but until now no bad things happen to me :) so don't really think it much! Dream is like what your mind is insecure to is showed in 'movies' :3
    And don't hang out anymore with 'black' friend.. :) stay good with good friends alright, hope it will help you go through this ^^


  5. that was strange. and a little bit creepy. but its okay. just pray for the best
    love your cap anyway!

  6. cutest combination! stay cute girl ;)

  7. Cute sweater! And cook backpack!


  8. Veren itu sweaternya need-able banget <3
    btw, about your friend or best friend. my other friend said dont trust anyone. jadi berteman dengan siapapun itu kamu harus biasa saja, dont too much close, you'll get too much hurt. :D

  9. the top pattern is really cute <3
    i think it would be a perfect matches if you wear your cat bag haha
    but i suppose it's gonna be too overdecorated, this way are more better

  10. Really love the outfit!

    Just keep strong in times like this!
    This has happened to me before, but it was my closest friends - my best friends. ;(
    And it's good that you easily forgive! I sometimes tend to be stubborn... -.-

  11. cute outfit which really suits your age :) anyway, just be careful to those people. some people may envy you that's why they do that :)

  12. that cap is super cute ! and i love cat print stuffs ! i have a skirt that have cute cat print on it

  13. hey the cap is from eltinsko rite? is it an online store and can u post the link? thanks :)

  14. nice outfit veren ;) gosh, i want your sneakers!

  15. great outfits!:) really suits your age

  16. Super love your cap veren! You look so lovely rock there :)

    crunchy cheese me

  17. Those wedges are the best! I really love them, Veren :) The cap is really funny.
    Btw, I have friends that were like that and truthfully, it hurt!
    I just decided to stay away from them, since it means they aren't really good friends :)


  18. Veren trlalu unyu! The cap is so interesting and the sweater is too cute <3 x

  19. cuter than ever. i just noticed your new header it's super adorable.


  20. cute cap!
    What I love abput you is that you manage to look young, even though you're wearing a lot of stuffs.
    Still stylish :))
    READ 'isle of view' 3 TIMES.

    see you there? x

  21. love your wedge-sneakers ! :D


  22. cute sweater!!<3

  23. love the cap and sweater ver, you look cute and pretty! anyways regarding about your dream, i bet you will do fine. simply dont trust anyone fully except your own family and be conscious on your surrounding xx

    Letters To Juliet


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