red bohemian

a long trip is infront of my eyes..
My family and me bring a lot of suitcases...
okay, actually my mom is. she brings a lot of things to my siblings at Pontianak and Jakarta -_-
I feel like we will move to new house....hahaha...
I'm happy because I'm free from school's assignment.
I've finished my holiday's assignments... :D
I'm not really happy these days..
there are happy moments and bad moments...
I love when my favorite blogger kak Diana Rikasari gave me a comment on my blog...
I love when my friends joke like comedians...
I love when my blogger friends cheer me up when I get bad comments from anymous in formspring..
I love when I get the highest midterm test score for some subjects in my class
I love when my mom gives me a new dress...
I love when my readers give me lovely comments... I always smile when read it... :)


I hate when someone gives me bad comment on my formspring account which I deleted it yesterday
I hate when she/he says that I'm Evita Nuh's copycat. really I never think to copy her. she's just inspired me..
I hate when she/he mocks me on formspring
I hate it....
I hate when my mom is soooo fussy. asks me to do this, that, etc.

yes. I couldn't sad anymore. I must be happy with my long trip with family. I must happy because I'll meet my buddies there... Thank you for being my readers,followers,etc... :)

I just try to edit my photos. sorry for the bad result ==. and I curl my hair too! :P

DSC04805 copyDSC04828 copy

DSC04811 copyDSC04813 copy

DSC04830 copyDSC04838 copy

cap - mom's, tank top - giordano, necklace - mangga dua, skirt - pretty rossa (japan) , square bangles - sis' - wedges -  michelle cla, sunnies - forget the brand name, but I bought it in Debenhams

p.s : -on the 3rd photo... I wear my sis' Juicy Couture sandals ;p. I wear 2 shoes actually... but most photos are using the wedges... I just feel both of it match with my outfit :D
-the previous post... many people guess I cut my hair. Actually my sister iron my hair with an iron which has 'noodle' shape. my hair turned into like that T_T

at last, bye, see u! keep updating with me via my twitter . thanks :)


  1. hey veren!!!! ohh just love the cute wedges!

  2. lcu bgt ver :D btw, keep going yaa !
    jgn d pduliin org" gt, djdiin saran bwt lbh bgs aj yaa :D
    happy holiday !

    xoxo bee <3

  3. you are not evita Nuh's copycat because you have a different style.
    you're sweet and feminine while evita more casual and boyish. * I think like that* maaf klo slh mendeskripsikan style kamu ya..
    and btw,love your hair and the wedges :)

  4. no, u're not a copycat
    i saw that question yesterday on twitter :)

    anyway, sampe jkt tgl brapa? sapa tau bsa arrange meetup ama other blogger :)

  5. the juicy sandals
    you should ask your sister to check the mbmj sandals as well
    they have those kind of sandals in cute designs

    and yor skirt is cute :D
    cheer up veren!

  6. of course you aren't a copycat
    you have your own style
    nice picts by the way
    you're toooo cute :)

    xoxo nathalie

  7. wow veren... cantik nya. :D
    well ke jkt kpn? jd nonton MAP? tweet me for notice ya..

  8. huaa jadi lebih cute kalo di curl :D
    I wish I can meet you :)

  9. Very cute outfit. You look so adorable!

  10. everything looks cute on you!! love the skirt!

  11. I love this outfit! The red plaid is fabulous!

  12. adorable skirt!! very cute outfit!!

  13. lucu bgt sih veren kyk little red riding hood hihihihi

  14. that's adorable skirt hey little princess. you look so cute :)
    i was put your link on my blog, see it

  15. bout the formspring thingy, i think formspring is really a bad site.. it's best for u to delete it.. hehehehe u look cute dear.. enjoy your holiday yhaaa

  16. you look so cute oh i adore you :D
    check and comment my latest post ya veren :)

  17. mukanya keliatan dewasa deh hihi :)
    cute look!

  18. of course not.. i think the way you dress totally different with Evita's :D

    you look adorable like always


  19. what a cute skirt!
    and try to love haters by ignoring them ;D

  20. tabah yaa dikatain evita nh copycat ..
    tetep keren kok

  21. veren you look so cute..
    you have a different style with evita.. you have your own style veren :)

    enjoy your holiday :D

  22. Hey veren.. nice to meet you!! nice blog, visit my blog.. xoxo

  23. just ignore the bad comments :) you look cute as always. red fits you well :D

  24. Jauh dong ren. Ga mungkin lah kamu ngikutin Evita Nuh. =__=
    Style kalian kan beda.
    Cuma sama sama yang mulai merakit fashion dari muda.
    Beda gila :D

    Semangat ren x]

  25. You're too adorable! Your hair is so pretty. I want mine to be like that :)


  26. Oh darling dont listen to a word the haters say, you are gorgeous and have great style :) you and evita have very different style both are beautiful but your's is more girly and cute :D

  27. you look lovely as usual veren !
    cute wedges !
    great postttt !
    thank you for the comments in my blog ..
    visit - follow - comment me back at..
    glisters and blisters

  28. Hello, there! you look so cute! =) love the red and white outfit.

  29. cute wedges! and you look cute veren. =))


  30. blogwalking :)
    btw nice blog!!

    visit mine too

  31. love ur wedges veren.. lucu banget..
    btw kamu maw ke jakarta yahh :)
    yudia aiiu

  32. you're super duper cute and daring lovelyy veren :) you're just 12 and you use SLR.. you're doing this great blog! what a greattttttt girl you're! :DDDD


  33. hey Veren :) i wanted to tell you that you won Noriki and Drey jewelry's giveaway!! :)
    i'll contact you now by email.
    you have won my heart necklace^^ and Noriki will ask you if you are interested in a free pair of circle lens :)
    congratulation :)
    have a great day!

  34. aaaw i an't stop staring at your lovely, cute pics. you mix and match all the outfit by yourself? so great!

    of course, i'll link you! nice to know you!

  35. Dinda love Music :)April 3, 2010 at 6:23 PM

    you look like korean girl sis!very cutee

  36. Aahhhh, don't be sad, you're not a copycat. If you were a copycat of Evita, just because she inspires you, wouldn't that make Evita a copycat of Tavi Gevinson too, because she inspires Evita very much? If every inspired person is a copycat, we all are copycats, so that's just unlogical. Don't be sad because of these bad comments, they're prob. just jealous!


thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!