Teatoxnco 14 Days Detox Package Review

Last month, I felt my eating habit had gone too uncontrollable. I snacked mindlessly and my stomach was so bloated! I exercised regularly but it's only plays 20% while nutrition plays 80% of your body's diet regime. I read about Teatox's programmes and was interested to try it to 'reset' my body.
I don't strive for weightloss, but fatloss and a better eating habit


I decided to try their 14 DAYS Teatox Package which includes Good Morning Tea, Good Night Tea, a very stylish glass tumbler (to drink the tea on-the-go), tea infuser (to drink it at home with your mugs/ cups, and a booklet of the teatox's information!

Quoted from their website, this package will help you to:
Cleanse and detoxify body
Healthy weight loss
Improves digestive system
Improves skin clarity
High in antioxidant

What does the Good Morning Tea do for you?
Suppress appetite

Boost metabolism
Improves skin clarity
High in antioxidant
Improves ratio of good cholesterol

What does the Good Night Tea do for you?
Cleanse and detoxify body

Reduce bloating
Healthy weight loss
Improves digestive system
High in antioxidant

In those 14 days, I drank the Good Morning Tea EVERYDAY before I had my breakfast and Good Night Tea 1x in every 2 days before bed! 



I made my own breakfast which usually consisted of 2 slices of pesto toast, grilled chicken/ tofu/ tempeh, and veggies (stir fry tomatoes/cucumber/lettuce). Dinner was usually my mom's chinese homecooked meals, but in moderate portion with no rice. On weekends, I ate out with friends !


My impressions?
- YES! I really feel the difference after consuming the Good Morning Tea. My appetite became much more controlled, suppressed, and I didn't snack mindlessly like before. 
- Good Night Tea made my digestion better WITHOUT diarrhea-like stomachache
- I feel my tummy fat was reduced and less bloated
-Thumbs up for the glass tumbler as it's not only stylish but also very useful to drink the tea on-the-go
- I don't know whether I lose weight or not since I never weigh myself on scales.


Overall, this package is recommended if you want to kick-start a healthy diet & lifestyle! It can reset your palette & cleanse your guts at the same time. Weight-loss will definitely be achieved if you combine it with regular exercise & calorie deficit. Remember, you are what you eat! Stay healthy, peeps! ;)

Where to buy Teatoxnco ?


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