Japan Trip

hello friends, I am back from Japan.
I very like my holiday,
Japan is an awesome country.
The roads are so clean.

and now, I must back to my home town, do my home work, prepare to school,
etc. oh God, I want more long holiday. This holiday is not enough for me. :(

friends, you know, if my blog just a free space for me,
a free world for me to say anything,
I'm so sad if you give me a bad comments,
but I know, it be a lesson for me to repair my self.

at Japan, I took many photos, such as :

@ mount Fuji lv.5

- Rough long T-Shirt
- unbranded woll hat
- hello kitty sanrio bag
- esprit jeans
- nike shoes

bought a snack @ Asakusa temple

- GAP T-Shirt
- GAP jeans short pants
- unbranded leggings
- nike shoes
eating @ kyoto traditional restaurant, the restaurant was so cute with many, SUMO's picture. :p

* I look so bright in here, hahaha*

@ changi airport
(behind me : my sister and her boy friend)

- hat on my headband
- barbie pinky boots

- disney minnie headband
- zara kids pink sweater
-zara kids jeans short pants
- PINK legging
- barbie pink boots

@ disney land, @ disney land was so full off people because, I visiting disney land when the day is Japan national holiday.....

@ narita airport

points :
- hello kitty long shocks
- short stripes skirt

@ the road

The frightening roller coaster : HOLLYWOOD RIDE @ universal studio

the cutest dog who I ever see!

my family @ disneyland

with kitty tree @ universal studio
wear :
- hello kitty t-shirt
- Zara TRF pants
- hello kitty shocks
- angel blue bag
- nike shoes

taking photo for my bro. :)

with cool car @ disney land

@ disney sea

COOL CAR @ JAPAN. photograph by my bro.

I hope , I will visiting Japan again.......

my home work still waiting me...


  1. waa..lucu2 bgt fotonyaa..pst liburan kamu menyenangkan deh :D..

    is it really a dog? it look like a doll for me ;p..hehe

  2. hehehe. thx kak....
    iya, itu anjing beneran, banyak banget orang2 jepang yang bawa2 anjingnya jalan2 ke outlet2 gitu. hihihihii. kek boneka hidup ya.. :D


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