am I a princess?

Hi, everybody! finally I can post something on my blog today. :D.
Everyday I'm very busy because many assignments from my teachers, then I have many tuition too... but today I'm not too busy, and I can blogging! :D

in this post, i will show that I make a patchwork jeans,.. inspired by : Glisters and Blisters


what do you think? :D



oh my. I'm very short :(


wear : random headband - kamiseta fish net cardigan - la senza tank top- lavinda belt - DIY jeans - random necklaces


crazy--> DON'T TRY THIS !! LOL Photobucket

I got this princess award from kak fika from Sweet Escape ! :) I don't think I'm a princess. hihi :p

(write or paste these to your blog, answer it with ur answers)

1. Give thanks to whom it gives you: Thank u very much, kak Fika :D

2.Name and an author you love:Jacqueline Wilson , Meg Cabot

3.If applicable, name an author who highlights:same as the other people = i don't know what the question means.... -_-

4. Books you love: Girls under pressure, Hai Miiko comics

5. Something that always excites you: cute dresses or accessories, and people from blogging world :)

6. Something you hate:same with kak fika, I hate person who smoke.... hehe.

7. Pass it on to 7 blogs: becky from try to be stylish eva from crunchy cheese me piping from brainlessme fhenny from little miss fhenny riati from zipper-pepper
6.kak onic from miss onic michelle from glisters and blisters

hmm... I wanna make a giveaway and I already have the giftS. But I will wait until I reach 88 followers :D

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wow. it's already night at Indonesia : 09.15 pm now! I must sleep. hehe :D
Good night, world. :]
see you on next


  1. heyyloo dd veren! thanks for the tagged! i'll post it ASAP! :DD

    great job with the patched jeans, cute fabric u used. oh and u don't look that short :D

    *smooch smooch

  2. thanks for the award dear. gonna do it when im done commenting ur blog (:
    u dont look short btw, u look cute (:
    love ur patched jeans, looks good on u.
    btw we havent follow each other's blog. im following ur blog now, follow me back (:

  3. heli princess, i love Meg Cabot too. she made me believe with the princess thingy still hehe. and you done the patch really well :)
    i wish i was a stylish little girl back then too. you are awesome.
    and oh! thanks for the award :)

  4. So cute! Your room is like every girl's dream room :)

  5. ng, you seems like little princess dear!
    and your DIY?
    it's totally awesome, i never got change to be such creative like you. :)

  6. hi...nice blog, you are so cute and awesome DIY patched jeans...

    -sai Sai

    check out my blog at

  7. planning to make one just like tht,

    follow my tweet ya :)
    thankies :))

  8. you're so cute my dear .
    you looked very young but have this style ? keep up good work :)
    visit my blog please

  9. you are so adorable sweetie! you definitely deserve that award. your last photo is really cool.


  10. You've done such an amazing job with this DIY darling; and congratulations on the award! I too adore the writing of Meg Cabot!! :)

  11. Hi Veren ! Love the jeans ! I guess I will do that too on my jeans hihi . You look so cute ! Anyway , thank you so much for the award ! I've posted it :)

  12. vereen..thankss for posting up the award!!

    your DIY patched jeans is just awesome!! really look cute on youu!!


  13. hai veren.. u r such a sooo sweet and stylish little girl. and smart too. I'm 20 and I don't even brave to write my blog in english. >,<

    p.s : u don't look that short. I mean for a girl on ur age.. no worry, u r getting taller then.
    p.s.s : I like ur crazy pose. haha..

  14. veren ... are you really 12 years old ?
    kita sama dong .. hehe

  15. great shorts!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  16. hi veren !! you look so cute in that jeans.
    you're really talented in making DIYs..

  17. hello veren
    i am 14 this year
    nice to know ur blog
    ur look is so adorable dear :)

  18. Love the Shorts ..and i Love your blog -so cute

  19. btw u can sew ur own pants? cool duh
    make some new posts okay?

  20. Thanks so much for all your lovely comments girl!

    I'm following you back as well too:) Ohhhh,that is such a awesome job you did with your shorts. I really love it and you look so chic girl!

  21. thank you dear for the award!
    the diy jeans is soo cutee :)
    i tag you on my latest post
    hope you are doing well :D
    cant wait to meet you next june

  22. dear veren.
    check out my new post :)
    merci xoxo

  23. are u really 14th? u look younger?
    ehehe,, anywei u're cute dear.... keep ur passion fashionistah..^^


thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!