bye, March

Time flies so fast, it's hard to believe that tomorrow is April already. I've just arrived home from my quick trip to Jakarta. Yes, I went to Jakarta on Monday alone -_-. I was kinda afraid to go to Jakarta alone by train but I really wanted to go because I was bored at home, also my parents, my sister, and my brother, they're all at Jakarta and I was alone with my maids :S. Luckily, I arrived at Jakarta safely and picked up by my brother and sister.
I went to Grand Indonesia on the first day, went to forever21, topshop, pull&bear, but I got nothing. I also went to Zara Kids and I got 1 t-shirt, 1 floral jeans, and 1 floral dress . On the next day, I went to Central Park and got cute shorts from Stradivarius.*yaay* :D.
I can't wait to wear them all :P

some inspiring pics :


Rumi Neely x Egoist (scans from Vivi Magazine)

source : Le Fashion
source : .

I found out so many people had Alexa Chung as their fashion inspiration / muse. I really often heard / read that name. Some people asked me who's my fashion inspiration. I got so many inspirations from lookbook, fashion magazines (teen vogue, girlfriend, go girl, looks, or Vivi), even I could get inspirations by listening to music. But I really love Olivia Parlemo's style. I think she's my biggest inspiration. Even though, my style isn't same as her, but every time I saw her photos, I always amazed with her. She's sooo pretty :3. I also love Isabel Lucaz, Elle Fanning, and Taylor Swift :D. For me, Olivia Parlemo is better than Alexa Chung. (I don't mean I hate Alexa Chung, I love Alexa's style too btw . This is just my random thoughts, guys ;D)

Few days ago I saw someone's twitter page, I didn't know this person's girl / boy. But this person tweeted some harsh tweets to fashion bloggers. She / he said she/he hated Indonesian fashion bloggers because she / he thought fashion bloggers just wasting money, show off, buy expensive brands, etc. I disagree with this person. 
First,  I believe every Indonesian bloggers love our local brands, you can browse some of Indonesian fashion blogs, sometimes we wear international brands like zara, forever21, or the expensive ones such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, etc. But we often wear famous local brands like cotton ink, nikicio, picnic, only i, petite cupcakes, etc too. She/he just didn't notice that. 
Like what Talisha Quinta from Ribbonyboo tweeted : "you wanna support your country by wearing local brands? good for you. but there's certainly no need to bother those who chose not to". 
Second, our purpose making a fashion blog isn't to show off about what we have. For me, my fashion blog is to express my enthusiasm about fashion. my blog is also a place to share my thoughts with others. 
We're all have different passions and interests, don't insult each other, don't be selfish, and be smart instead . Let's respect each other :)

p.s : I'm going to hold a giveaway soon! yay! ;D


  1. i love these inspirations !
    Rumi never fails to amaze me !

    glisters and blisters

  2. great post!!
    can't wait for your giveaway soon! :)

  3. oh beautiful bag!!!

  4. I love the video so much..:)


  5. heyyy I didn't know you were in Jakarta, are you still here anyway??

    btw, lovely post dear! yeahh and just ignore whoever she is (I believe it's a SHE!). And I believe she is just some loser, alright? ;)

  6. I agree with you.. fashion blogging is not about showing off expensive brands and stuff.. it's a matter of self expression.. ;)

    The Picnic Girl

  7. Love those photos - and think it is so cool that you are an Indonesian fashion blogger :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Heii!! I love your style..
    can u follow me in my fashion blog too?

    thx.. ^^

  9. I agree with you. Fashion blog is not show off. but fashion blog is something that can make me express about fashion.. ^^

    btw, at the next post, do u want to take photos like a face expression?

  10. Love the chanel bag.. :D
    Claudia from Italy

    have a look

  11. wow you're so young!!! keep it up xx


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