Final exam has ended last Saturday, and I'm so glad that I pass all the subjects! Uhm.. although I'm not satisfied with my score ;[, as long as I don't need to study anymore, I'm happy!! For the whole week I didn't get enough sleep, I slept late and woke up early.. aaaa .. that was really annoying :[


Now I still have some school activities like class-meeting and an end year party that will be held this Friday. Actually I don't want to go to school these days.. but if I'm absent I don't know how many people from the school's committee will be mad at me T.T 


I don't know why but I'm not feeling happy at all today. Since yesterday I've been receiving lots of questions about class-meeting things. what makes me angry is : I've posted a note about all about classmeeting, I've put the announcement on the announcement board at school, I've informed all the classes' leaders, I've posted a status about the class-meeting's facebook link, even broadcast it, but STILL.... There were some annoying guys asked me about it.. I really hate people who are LAZY to read and pay attention, and when they're confused, they'll just easily ask. It's not that I'm "judes" and don't wanna answer their questions, but please.. I've EXPLAINED it VERY CLEARLY, and the information is already very very complete. Why did they ask the questions that I've explained?? And also with the students from grade 8 and 9, who should've known what should they do in classmeeting because they've had class-meeting for twice or more! Oh come on. Couldn't you remember anything? The rules are just the same with the class-meetings we've had before!!! I still tolerate with 7th graders because it's their first time.. grrrr...
It's the same with people who like to ask silly questions before googling it first.. 
I replied them with "have you read the announcement on fb / announcement board at school? could you read first before u ask ???" . I don't care what they feel because they've made me really really annoyed!! I'm just so tired! :[ :[
have you met people like this?



I got this top from MsJo Closet and the plaid shorts are tailor-made. I added some accessories from dorothy perkins and candybutton :).
I think I'm going to off now.. I'm very tired today because of dance practice this afternoon, so I'll sleep early. Bye~! :)
AKB48 - Heavy Rotation
I'm so addicted with this song because of pocari sweat Indonesia's newest cf. kkkk


  1. you look so tall in this outfit! gorgeous heels :D

    Passion Elixir

  2. Gorgeous as always dear :) Wah senangnya, aku aja baru mulai ujian nih :(

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  3. Oh noo, your shoes are so pretty that I'm gonna die! I wish I had those shoes! :)


  4. Hi like your post so much!Great sense of style! Wonderful photos!

    Take a look and maybe follow each others?: Cosa mi metto???

  5. I also hate the people who don't want to try find by themselves,ask before googeling. veryy annoying! but be patient veren :)

    wedges of june and julia is gorgeous


  6. oh dear, you have to be more patient and get over those annoying people..
    nice to know that you passed your subjects! love your shoes :)

  7. oh i know right.. some people are just so irritating by not paying attention of what is happening around, be patient! :) anyway cute short and i love the heart necklace. <3

  8. I know how does it feel when people are lazy to read and they insist to ask us! >:O

    You look gorgeous! :D Where do you live by the way? ^^

  9. Haissh I know that feeling ... so annoying -__-
    You must be patient veren :)

  10. aww so lovely :)
    mind to followed back my blog dear ? it would be nice , thanks before :)

  11. gorgeous!
    i had one shoes like yours veren, but mine is grey color!

  12. Stay strong ci veren :)
    I love your outfit on this post <3

    mind to follow each other?

  13. nice pants and wedges :D

  14. love the shoes! they make u look much taller! :D

  15. I love your shoes deaaar...


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