A new day is always a surprise for me. I never know what's going to happen whether it's good or bad.

As some of you already know, I have an account. I feel happy using as a good way to communicate myself with my readers who are curious about me, because it's so much easier than asking me stuffs by e-mail or line (which I find a bit rude if some people contact me directly via line w/out asking me first since my line account is private to my close relatives only)  .

Yesterday, I received a very jealous comment on my . Basically, she said that 
1. I pretend to be rich by making a fashion blog and showing off my stuffs on my blog
2. I'm not pretty, but fashionable (wow, thanks)
3. I was fat and tan 
4. My stuffs are fake, and she said I even put the 'original' link of the fake stuffs on this blog
5. I'm disgusting to her.

Well, this is not my first time getting such a hateful comment from such a fugly person. Usually I don't respond to something like this, but this time I just feel like 'clarifying' those accusations from her.

1. I never mean to show off about what I have on my blog, because what I upload on this blog are what actually happen in my life. My daily outfits, my activities at school, my activities with my family/friends. I suppose, the things I've mentioned just now are what a blog consists of. If she means I show off by naming the brands I'm wearing, she's just so stupid. I write the brands I'm wearing as an information to my readers where they come from, in case they want to have the same thing as mine. If I don't write them, am I supposed to answer every question? 

Simple. If you feel like I'm showing off and you don't like it, then there's no need for you to pay attention to my life. Your life will simply get easier..

2. I'll take that as a compliment, because I don't think I'm that pretty myself. I have many flaws. At least, although I'm not pretty, I like to prettify myself by being fashionable, because I don't want to get uglier. If I have energy to make myself pretty, why do I have to stay still and mourn on my ugliness?

3. Yes, it's true I was fat (i'm still fat now, but was much fatter back then . hahaha), but not tan though. I thought I'm so much tanner now than before?
FYI,  I never feel ashamed to the fact that I was fat back then, but I feel proud instead because I've succeed to lost some weight by myself. I didn't even take any diet pills at that time, but I reduced my eating portion, I did lotsss of skipping every time I got free time after school. 

Aaanndd I didn't get it why she said "you were fat and tan, right??" because that actually doesn't matter to anything. I was fat then, but not that fat now. So what? What's the deal with her? I think she's just jealous because I look so much better than before (exceeded her expectation), huh? hahaha

4. Fake stuffs? Here's another accusation from her which is so full of her jealousy on me.
I admit that most of my clothes on this blog are from my parents' money (I'm 16 and unemployed) and my sponsors. But these days many clothes of mine are also from my own money because I already have my own incomes from advertisers on my blog and from the competitions I won! 
For some branded designer stuffs they can be.... ; my parents bought them for me, some of them are half my money and half my parents', and also my mom/my sister's bag that I borrow for some time.

*Appearently there's someone who said that I shoudn't make a blog to brag because my clothes are from my parent's money and sponsors...

I think getting sponsors are one of my achievements from my 4years of blogging. I spend more than a half of my leisure time by blogging when some girls at my age don't . It's NOT as easy as what many people think. You can ask the other bloggers about this.

It's also not only me who get many clothes from sponsors. There are like so many bloggers who have mucchhhh more sponsors than me, and get muchhh more extravagant and expensive stuffs from their sponsors. they even get FREE overseas trips, (including hotel,plane ticket) free gadgets, branded stuffs, etc. (have you read Chiara F (flying everywhere all over the world to attend events) kryzzie uy/ Aimee Song/ Willabelle Ong/ Bon Qiuqiu (free plastic surgery at S.korea) , Xiaxue's blog (sponsored wedding, home furnitures) ??)
 You think that as bragging too because those are not their own money??? Yes. >>>Sponsored stuffs are not our own money but they are the FRUITS of our hardworks managing our blogs.<<<
5. I'm disgusting to her (you)? Then if you're reading this, you're so much more disgusting to me too! 

Hmmm... whoever she is, I'm quite sure she knows me since I was in elementary school because she knew that i was fat (haha). But maybe it has been a long time since the last time she saw me, so she was shocked to discover my blog and my different appearance, and her heart is burning with jealousy when she looks at my blog!

And then.. what always comes up to my mind is, if you're jealous with someone because she/he has better things than you, you shouldn't just sit down and hate on him/her. Although we start from the different 'start' line, if you're still at the bottom, you should try to climb and get the same thing by your own. 
Of course, there's always a limit we can't pass. But at least, be happy and grateful first with what you already have, and try to get what you want little by little... God gives us energy, health, and talents. What are those things for? Of course He wants us to use what He already gave as good as possible!

Ok. Enough with those stuffs.. hahaha. Now back to the real events that I've been through these days,

I'm sorry for not being able to update this blog for a while because last weekend I was busy with a big event at my school. 

Osis (the student council) held an expo & competition event which consists of 
(1) an edu fair of universities (this edufair committee, *consists of me, one of my seniors, and 2 other members* successfully invited 24 universities (private) to our school ranging from President University, UPH, Untar, Trisakti, Prasetya Mulya, Ciputra, Atmajaya, UnPar, Maranatha, etc. Yay!), (2) English, Mathematics, Band, & Dance competitions (100 participants for Eng & Math, 40 bands, and 30 dance groups from Tegal and nearby areas, 
(3) Bazaar [12 booths were opened by our school' students. Every class must have their own booth and sell food/drinks/games that they make by themselves. It was a bigggg success and I feel so happy. I hope I can get some time to share the photos on this blog. 

I also became a host for the band&dance competitions! So nervous, hahahha! It was a new & fun experience to me ;)

And lastly, I'm joining for a 'big' competition this weekend.. I really want to win, so wish me luck!! I can't thank God enough for giving me so many opportunities in my life. :''D


  1. how horrible people can be T__T
    but I think you're so pretty!!

  2. Never mind Veren, she might be really envy to you hahaha, keep up the good work :D

  3. I know how it feels when some readers try to bring you down. But then so what? you're awesome, and they just show you how famous you are, that's why they pay a lot of attention to you ;)

  4. I have followed your blog for a while and I think you are beautiful. Your sense of style is awesome and you are such an inspiration. And I have to say, that to me you look normal and not fat at all! So keep your head up and don't mind the jealous haters!
    Good luck on that competition! ~

  5. Honestly people are only doing this because they are jealous. Anyway noone told her to read your blog and she doesn't have to. If she don't like it why is she still here? I love you blog even though I just found it!! I ADORE your style, and I don't think you are bragging at all, it is called sharing! Anyway don't take it to heart! ^^ HATERS TO THE SIDE!

    April xx

  6. lol the most funny is the forth point. Every fashion blogger feels honorable whenever there's sponsor come to her/him. And what is the problem with shopping with your parents money? Does she/he (but I'm sure she. Real man never care about being fat or something in the past) shop with her won money? So when she was baby she already worked and shopped with her/his own money? Kind of this person is really annoying. She/he need to learn how to not blame somebody else if she felt she was imperfect. And anyway, Veren, I thought you were 13-14 years old. You look so young hahaha good luck, sweetie<3

  7. You are doing a great job Veren! I'm a silent reader but now I'd like to encourage you. Keep blogging, Veren! You are an inspiration to me!

  8. well, people like them are people who're jealous with your beautiful and success life. There are some people who didn't like if others life are happier than them. I used to get so confused about their kind, but now i understand. It because they are so jealous with other people who they insult. My advice to you, just don't listen to them and never get down because of them. Even big stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, One Direction etc have their own anti-fan. But it doesn't mean they should stop from doing what they love. And haters just don't know how the feel to blog, me personally thinks that im not good enough to be a blogger since there are so many blogger who are so much more than me, but i love to blog. So i just keep posting my blog until now. So, keep blogging Veren, don't listen to them, there are so much people out there already inspire by you include me :p I love all your work and style, love all your combination between this and that. And we are still waiting for your next gorgeous outfit to inspire everyone!<3 Keep blogging and goodluck in your competition! <3

    ooh btw, stunning photo you have there, such a sweet red ridding hood!<3

  9. Cheer up pretty! You did great♥

  10. orang-orang bisa "kejam" sama siapapun, termasuk sama kamu atau yang bukan siapa2 seperti aku. itu semua karena mereka gak mengerti, makanya hanya bisa "judge" dari luarnya. sekalinya dia mengenal kamu lebih baik, komentar2 kaya gitu gak akan pernah keluar, karena yang namanya teman pasti ingatkan dengan cara yang "enak". yang kaya gini bisa bikin jadi pengingat buat kita veren, kalau apapun yang kita post/upload gak bisa kita atur siapa yang baca. entah yang benar2 suka atau hater. tapi syukuri saja karena mereka sempatkan waktu untuk tengok2 blog kamu :p :D

    tetap bangga sama diri sendiri. kamu gak "fake" tapi kamu bertumbuh. good luck untuk semua kegiatannya, ya. selalu lakukan apa yang menurutmu posiif ;) xx

    indi sugar

  11. Veren, take it from a veteran of YouTube like myself- haters are going to hate. You're going to meet inconsiderate and uncaring people online and offline.

    If you let certain people bring you down, all you're ever going to feel is down. The one thing that sickens me is how people are able to criticize people in disgusting ways. I don't always like certain peoples' outfits- there were even a few looks I didn't like. If there was something I didn't like, I either honestly say something like "I don't like..." or "I don't really like..." rather than attack someone. People criticize people in fashion blogs rather than some of the looks. That, to me, is more disgusting than critiquing looks.

    Again, I'm sorry you had to take such harsh commentary and such poor comments. Just keep doing you and don't let any haters bring you down.

  12. Sirik aja kali tuh Veren, dia ga bisa bergaya sekeren dan seunik kamu. OR dia bilang kamu show-off karna mungkin aja dia ga sanggup beli apa yang kamu punya, makanya dia ngelampiasin ke kamu amarahnya. Yaudahlah orang gitu ga pantes diladenin, mending kamu lanjut aja nge-blog dan post your life story more. No matter what you do, good or bad, everyone still has something bad to say about you, so just do what you love and love what you do. Well, 2 quotes in a sentence, you should feel very motivated right now.. hahaha good luck Veren!



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