Day 3 : Fujiko F Fujio (Doraemon) Museum - Kawasaki


It's time for my favorite childhood character, DORAEMON!! I just knew that there's Fujiko F Fujio Museum that exists in Japan around 1 year ago after many people posted it on instagram / their blogs about their visit to this museum. Then I really wanted to go to this place and did a lot of research about the access and what I can see in that place. So, on my 3rd day in Japan, I and my parents went to FUJIKO F FUJIO MUSEUM in Kawasaki city~~! xD


Doraemon bus in front of Noborito Station that took us to Fujiko F Fujio museum.


  • Varsity jacket bought in Bangkok
  • "Cute Outfit Day" sweater from forever21 Japan
  • Denim shirt from Pull & bear
  • Skirt from forever21 Japan
  • Socks from forever21
  • Boots from forever21 Japan
  • Bag from Zara
  • Bowler hat & tights.. I forget where I bought them :(
  • Earrings from Shibuya109 mall
  • Sunglasses from Kate Spade


If you want to go to Doraemon (Fujiko F Fujio) Museum, you must (can ONLY) purchase the ticket at LAWSON (a convenience store) before the day you want to go to the museum. The museum is really crowded although there are 4 different entrance time. (10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00).

How to buy the ticket?
  • Find any LAWSON store
  • Ask the shop assistant to help you to purchase FUJIKO F FUJIO Museum ticket since the machine only has Japanese language
  • Choose the time you want (I originally wanted to take the 12:00 one, but it's SOLD OUT! Luckily I got the 14:00 one). So I remind you again, to purchase the ticket at least 2 days in advance.
  • Lawson's shop assistant will purchase the tix for you (Y1000/person) !
  • Remember, you are strictly not allowed to be late!! (Japanese are very punctual. Everytime I match up the train's departure time from the schedule and the actual time, it's always exactly the same!)


How to get there?
  • I stayed at Shibuya, and there's not any direct train to Noborito station. The easiest station to go to Noborito station is Shinjuku station.
  • So from Shibuya station, I took the JR Yamanote line to Shinjuku Station.
  • After I arrived at Shinjuku station, I looked for the "Odakyu Odawara Line" enterance and bought the ticket to Noborito Station. The fee is Y250 (one way) and you can see the info of the train timetables/fee from (since it's a subway/metro/not  train from JR line, I couldn't use my suica card).
  • Then I just waited and got on the train until I arrived at Noborito station.
  • Once I was in Noborito Station, I looked for the bus stop and the doraemon bus will take us directly to the museum and also from museum to the station again ;)


  • Top left: In a supermarket at the exit of Noborito Station, I found these super cute 'Frozen' tsumtsum gogo no kocha!
  • Top right: My breakfast at Shinjuku Station . Yummy soba and curry rice!!
  • Bottom left: Expensive yet very beautiful flowers at a florist in Shinjuku Station.
  • Bottom right: I've shared this on IG.. When I was in the station's toilet.. I remembered this "MIIKO" moment where she accidentally threw her train ticket into the loo.. Lol.. I couldn't help to take a pic and sorry if it's gross xD #onlyMIIKOfansunderstandthismoment


Kawasaki city's much more quiet than Tokyo. There were not many tall buildings there. 
I and my parents arrived early, so we had spare time to walk around the street before our enterance time. It felt so peaceful . And the houses looked like Nobita and his friends' houses ^0^.





We arrived at 12pm (We were scared we'd take the wrong train / exit , then we'd miss our time, so we came really early. lol), which is why we took so manyyy photos during our spare time in front of the museum... Hahahaha xD


It's prohibited to take any photo inside the museum. But let me give you some hints, inside the museum, there are many histories about Fujiko F Fujio's life, Fujiko F fujio's working room, his favorite things, the characters he made, and also some famous stories from Doraemon / P-man. Each visitor will be given an audio guide(english/japanese/chinese). Every time there's a number sign, we just need to press the number and the audio guide will explain us  about the things we're looking at!


We couldn't take any pic at the exhibition room, but we can take as many pics as we want at the park (which is located at the rooftop of this museum). Look at the beautiful trees :)



We took a quick rest and ate these gigantic & SWEEETTT strawberries that my mom bought at the supermarket!




"I feel you, Nobita..." lol xD





There's also a photobooth in Fujiko F Fujio Museum! Are all japanese photobooths this good?

  • Top left: Mini tickets to watch a short doraemon movie 
  • Top right: Doraemon button inside the doraemon bus!
  • Bottom left: Miniatures of Doraemon, dorami, and the musicians?.. I remember the episode where there are these mini dolls but I forget what we call them... T.T
  • Bottom right: Even in the museum's super clean toilet, there's this cute piece of Doraemon's comic!


Now.. It's time to fill our tummy at the doraemon cafe!! The queue was (I think it has always been..) VERY LONG till we had to take numbers and waited for 1 hour. We'd come that far, so it'd be a stupid decision if we missed this cafe, so we spent our time by watching the doraemon short movie first! (I think the movie is only around 20-30 minutes long)


I've heard that the food there is delicious and it's totally TRUE! These were our orders:


French toast (MEMORY BREAD!!) with green tea ice cream. (p.s: can I bring the plate home? T.T)


Super yummy spaghetti with bacon!


Hot coffee latte with doraemon face on it. We can't request the characer on the top, so I felt so lucky to get this doraemon face on it... :D


Baling - baling bambu!!



Before the exit, there's a gift shop. It's not as big as I expected and the stuffs weren't that much too. But I believe the miniatures are very high quality and great ;D


 I couldn't help but to purchase this cookie in a doraemon case.. Do you remember this case? In the "Stand By Me" movie, Doraemon asked Nobita to open this case whenever he really needed Doraemon :')







Anyone wants to hear Giant's voice in a full album???!?


Super CUTE japanese kid with rosy cheeks! She was shopping and putting everything into her basket and got angry once her parents put everything back out of the basket.. lol. So smart!!


Y 61.560 = more than IDR 6millions... The size is around 50cm tall. T__T

CLICK THE VIDEO to see the Doraemon cafe's menus!!


After we went back to shibuya, we went to have dinner at HAN NO DAIDOKORO. It's a Japanese-korean yakiniku restaurant which is very close to our apartment!! I knew this place from and totally SATISFIED with the food there!
I thought the place'd be so crowded since people said we had to queue , but luckily there's not any queue on that day.


The kobe beef was really amazing.. It's so pricey but it's worth it. You can't call yourself you've been in Japan if you haven't tried their beef! We also had sundubu jiggae which was the most delicious sundubu jiggae ever and makgeolli (rice wine) to heal our body after dealing with cold weather... xD.
See you in next post! Feel free to ask me on instagram @verenleecious #verenleeinJapan or email me regarding my trip in Japan / to Fujiko f Fujio Museum :)


  1. aaah seruuu sekali veren :) i hope i can holiday go there someday :D love your bag anw..
    and happy new year veren :)

  2. Oh my, it looks funnn.
    Cute outfit as always

  3. Awesome place! Doraemon is one of my favorite cartoon characters too. And nice outfit by the way! ♥

    The Girl Behind the Pen

  4. Doraemonnn <3 too cute! I wish i can go there someday <3

  5. Whaa doraemon xO wanna go there~ hehe. . too bad its prohibited to snap inside the museum. I went to doraemon expo in ancol and we were allowed to take pics and taking pics was so fun right xD

    Im curious about the giant's cd.. Is it really filled with the voice of giant's seiyuu singing?? O__o

  6. super adorable!! :3

    cheer, michelle ~

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