Not The Usual Friday


Can we call today as a national day off? Many schools and offices are closed today, including mine due to the demonstration. There are so many rumors and warnings going around this week that scare people off. I was totally uninterested with all these political things in the media, but the impact of it made me kinda annoyed too. I decide to share my thoughts here. 


I don't understand why religion is such a huge deal in this country. I am not the most religious person, but I always think that a religion is a personal relationship between human and God, there's no need to bring religion out of our own personal life. There's only 1 God but there are many religions in this world. We don't know which teaching is the truest, as all of them are created by humans anyway. We all have human rights to choose any religion that we believe/ think suit us the most and I think we don't need to worship our religion in front of others loudly. 

In terms of ruling a government, I don't think there's a certain religion that a leader must have. Every religion teaches us good deeds, right? No matter what religion a leader has, as long as he's competent will be the most suitable leader to all of us. 

If you're angered by a defamation of your religion, just let God do the judgement. Anything related to God / someone's belief isn't mean to be judged by human's power. 


Now moving on to my outfit post here, this is my new favorite top at the moment. I wore it 2x in a week. The first time was when I went to have dinner with my parents. I paired this beautiful Olive Bow Tank from Cloth Inc with white pants. The second time, I wore it with black skinny jeans!


The ribbons on the shoulder are my favs! 


As I'm not allowed to go anywhere far from my place today, this morning I went to my zumba class - then did grocery shopping andd cooked my own lunch! Hahaha. I'm currently addicted to avocado toast. I also cooked scrambled egg and stir fry chicken ! I seasoned them with boncabe and voilaa! My lunch was beyond delicious. lol. 


Anyway, let me tell you a naughty lil secret that you shouldn't tell my mom / dad! When I was cooking my lunch, I grilled my wholewheat bread in my microwave (it has grill option). I set up the time for 4 minutes to be crunchyyy, but suddenly the fire alarm rang as my toast was BURNING.  I was confused as I've grilled my bread numerous times with this microwave and it's never been like this. Smokes were all over the room and I had to open the windows. I stopped the microwave and my toasts have turned blackk!! 
The mechanics and securities called me 3 times and knocked my door thinking there's a fire. I told them it's just me accidentally burned my food. fiuh... Hopefully this incident won't happen again in the future!! hahahaa!


  • Top : Cloth Inc
  • Bottom : Label8
  • Heels : Saint Laurent
  • Bag : Tory Burch


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