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Hi! I'm back from Jakarta! :D. I wore this outfit before I went to Jakarta and I was wearing a top from zara, skirt from Red Cherry Shop, and wedges from June+Julia ;D. What do you think of my new wedges? I wore the wedges for 10 hours and I didn't feel tired / get hurt ! yay! I also love my new skirt that I got from Red Cherry Shop because it's so pretty and you can buy it in affordable price! I'm a skirt lover! 


Honestly I really miss writing my long thoughts on this blog but I always have no time T-T. And this weekend I must go to school for school committee (osis) stuff. arghhh .______. 
By the way, my current hobby is reading kpop fan fictions.. and my favorite will be fanfictions with lee donghae or cho kyuhyun as the main cast. Actually I can't define my self as Super Junior's fan.. only a SparKyu and I love that feeling when I imagine his face. so handsomeee~ ><. Anyone loves reading kpop fan fictions too? Can you send me some blog links that have good fanfictions (angst, romance, comedy, etc except horror / porn!!) :D




2PM concert was super duper fun, it was the best day in my life and I think if you're my twitter follower you've read my tweets about the concert. I've posted the photos from the concert on my facebook and also some fancams which were recorded by me on youtube. If you're my friend on facebook you can see the photos, and the videos can be seen by everyone. just visit my youtube channel here . I'll post the photos and completer story on my blog later . I have some assignments and daily tests , so just be patient. :)
I have to study for physics test , see you~. annyeong~ :D

WONDERGIRLS - BE MY BABY (honestly I prefer this song than snsd's the boys.. hehe.. it's just my opinion btw. I'm JYPE shipper!!)


  1. Really cute outfit ^^ love the pink & green combination!
    You have a lovely garden as well :)


  2. nice outfit :) one word: juicy.

  3. ya...saya juga my baby lebih easy listening daripada the boys...
    walaupun sebenarnya aku adalah sone..

  4. lovely clowes!! ♥
    hihi, sweet garden.. :D

  5. Cute Outfit <3 <3


  6. Cutie cutie ♥
    June+Julia goods will never get old :)

    Mm, if you love Kyuhyun, you can try, everything about him is in complete pack there.

  7. Kemaren pas liat liputan konser 2PM di TV langsung keinget kamu Veren, wah pasti seneng banget yah :) Btw aku suka fanfiction yang KyuNa ^^ Great outfit as always!

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  8. great color vereen! pink and green ^^
    so cute....
    huaaa.. i love k-pop and drama too, i love that style :)

  9. Do visit The blog belongs to one of my lovely friends. You can find nice fanfic in there

  10. I remember I liked reading Japanese manga/anime fanfic over the internet several years ago. Oh well, I think I'm getting old :(

    Nice wedges! Aaaaaand especially since you mentioned they were not biting your feet after a ten-hour wear, that's pretty amazing, Veren!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  11. Your wedge sandals are truly cute. There aren't too many wedge shoes I dislike; I certainly don't hate these here in this post. Same goes for your coral pink top and this green skirt. Very cute outfit overall.

  12. Love the outfit! The skirt is amazing!

  13. i love this sweet look!!
    kisses from prague
    have a beautiful day

  14. cute outfit veren! :)

  15. Hey Veren! :D
    I heard the concert was amazing.
    My sister came home barging how hot 2PM was and how Nickhun mananged to throw a rose to her.

    Yes, she got a rose from Nickhun. I really envy her since i can't go to 2PM concert. hix. But i'm glad Taecyeon said they will come back again.

    You like JYPE huh? Then you also like Miss A? :D i love them, they're my favourite girlband ;)
    i also managed to meet them when thay came to Indonesia last June. hehe..

  16. Hey sweetheart !

    It's a pleasure to follow you =)


  17. hai veren you buy your wedges at june&Julia right? , may i know what size you wore it?
    and it is elizabeth nude wedges?

  18. ci veren is so cute as always :D

  19. love ur wedges! :)

  20. cute ;)
    pink & green ,this outfit eyecatching
    i've follow this blog,mind to visit or follow me back ? ;)

  21. hey .. do you love korean ?? me too :) . so , if need link for read fanfiction you can come to my blog or my second blog :D thankyou .

  22. hmm i love reading kpop fanfictions too. if you want to find good fanfictions in english then you should go to this site

    oh and if you did please view my story although it's not done yet.


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