Hi!! I'm so happy to share the photos that I took at 2PM'S Concert in Jakarta last Friday ^_^. There are a lotttt of photos in my facebook (almost 150 photos), but I won't post that many on this blog. But I think the photos below are enough to tell you how fun it was :).

So, the story began when I went to Jakarta by car on Friday in the morning and arrive around 1 pm. I went to my apartment first to take a bath and preparing for the concert, at 4pm, me and my friend arrived in Jitec Mangga Dua Square (the concert's venue). We queued to get in for 2 hours, and since we bought 'diamond' tickets, we're called to get in first. And in level 8 there's a stand selling 2pm's official merchandises. We bought 2pm's t-shirts and directly changed our outfit in the toilet :p. 

The show was the delayed because there were too much people and I think the promotor didn't coordinate that well. It was really really crowded and thank God I didn't need to queue when I had to get a "bracelet" sign. When we got in we were shocked because we thought the seat for diamond section will be like in the theatre (like stairs) but it wasn't like that. They're all in the same level (seats in diamomnd/silver/gold), but it'll be in different level by different classes. We got K row, and it's really unclear because the people in front of us covered our sighting :'(. Luckily when the show started, there were some empty seats in the row in front of me, so many people moved to those seats. The staffs even couldn't control us because it's their fault making the seats in the same level which made the people in the back rows couldn't see clearly. It's so unfair if we buy idr 2 millions ticket but couldn't see clearly right?? We even stood on the chair to see 2PM boys better.
The show was TOTALLY AWESOME & SUPER DUPER FUNNN. The songs , the performances, etc. Hottest couldn't stop singing together with 2pm and when the song "hands up" was being performed, we put our hands up in the air! yeahhh!! :D

My favorite boy in 2PM! Nichkhun <3. When I saw him closely, he was totally handsome like in the pictures. his skin was sooo smooth and whiteeeee >____< *faint*

Junho & Wooyoung's duet performance!

In this photo, 2PM and hottest sang "I Can't" together.. It was a little tearful moment for me, it's such a nice song.. and it's just really sweet when we sang that song together :)

The 'old' maknae from 2PM, Hwang Chan Sung. I never really liked him before I saw him in 'real' life. He was super handsome, sexy, and hot at that night. I was OMG! Chansung!!!! You didn't look old at all. You're  too handsomeeee *_*  (changing my bias into Chansung. Sorry Khun! ;p)

And this moment was so funny. Taec & Khun went backstage to change their clothes and preparing to sing "My Valentine". At that time Chansung & Junho did some dance moves . You can see my fancam here.

Jun2daKay (Junsu)'s solo stage. He sang his solo debut single "ALIVE". It was a very awesome performance from him. Believe me he's really talented!

Nichkhun the angel <3. He's a prince charming. Isn't he? ;p

2PM sang "Thank You". They threw some flowers but unfortunately I didn't get any T.T .
But that's ok, I could touch Junsu's hand (KYAAA!!!!) and when Taec threw his wet tee , I 'got' his 'sweat'. lol -___-"

This was the last performance. When they walked into the catwalk (in front of diamond seat), I directly ran into near the catwalk stage so I could saw them in less than 1 meter . The staff has phrohibited us to move from our seats, but some wild hottest including me pushed him and didn't care... We just wanted to see them closely because we couldn't see clearly from our seats. we didn't want to throw our 2millions away !! If I didn't do that It'd be my biggest regret ever.. hehehe... Nichkhun was right in front of me. He really has a nice body, face, and skin!! I screamed "NICHKHUN!!!!" like crazyy :p

The best moments from the concert for me were when 2pm and hottest sang I can't together, when hottest screamed "2pm! 2pm!" and 2pm replied with screaming "Jakarta! Jakarta!" and when I could see 2pm right in front of my eyes ^^. Although there were some disappointments to the promotor, I'm still thankful to them who brought 2pm to Indonesia and made my dream came true. I hope next time there'll be no more delayed shows / queuing for vip tickets, and also the seats must be like stairs so that we can see our idol without any disturbance.. :). And one more thing that made me kinda mad, the people who sat in the first row (A) were the promotor's relatives and families who aren't 2pm's fans. geeezzzzzzzzz ._________.

And the last.. Chansung and Taec went topless... omg look at chan's abssss T.T 
you can guess how'sour reaction...

November 11th 2011 was THE BEST DAY in my life EVER!!! <3 THANKS to my parents who bought the ticket for me and left the work just to go to Jakarta to accompany me :)

please check my youtube channel to see some fancams which were recorded by myself. Kamsahamnida ~

p.s : if you wanna take out these photos / post them on another sites, you have to ask my permission by sending e-mail to, or you can just take out with full credits (please include this post's url or my twitter's url. thanks a lot!)


  1. your so lucky have a parents like them.. <3


  2. AAAH <3. That photo of nickhun with wings <3. Aah, that is really nice of your parents!

  3. oooh dear i am so jealous! i wish i had parents like yours!!! my parents wont let me attend any concert. lucky you!

    lovely skirt and shoes dear...


  4. ypur parents are so nice! you should be grateful :)


  5. wow, u r so lucky! I know i'm german and not asian at all (well, my granny's from the philipines but that's all, haha) but kPop is such a great music genre, and it seems to become very famous in the future. 2pm is cool btw! They're very handsome guys. well, 11.11.11 was a bad day for me haha...

  6. I LOVE THEM! so so jealous of you haha.

  7. OMG HOW FUN!!!! Chansung is my bias <333 But Nichkhun is for sure an prince angel <33 keke
    Put your hands up put your hands up!!

    xoxo tifuani

  8. woooow 2PM, so lucky >.<

  9. Aww Nickhun! He's such a cutie. You're so lucky to have had a chance to go their concert! I want to meet 2pm but I guess the Kpop concert in Sydney was already enough...for now hehe :P

  10. ahhh!!!! too bad I couldn't watch 2PM cause lots of exams :(

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  13. i am not a fan of 2pm but it seems you spent such a good time there:)

    check mine:

  14. wooyoung is so handsomeeee!

  15. I was going like "OMG, OMG!!" when see your photos. it makes me envy to the max. omg, you touch Junsu. >,<

    I wish I have parent like yours..
    but oh, ofcourse I still proud of my parent..

    and btw,, I'm from tegal too.. where's your home veren?? maybe we could meet. :p

  16. Omaigat!!! i envy you soo much!!! since i am a hardcore hottest too T_T
    but thanks for wooyoung pic (although there's junho beside him)
    lucky you!!

    Fuschia Life

  17. omgggg! you're so lucky! I want to watch 2PM too, but I can't because there're so many homework -__-" Junho is handsome yeahhh? :D

  18. aaaaaaaa you touched junsu's hand? soo lucky, dearr! hahahaahaha
    I like taec lol!

  19. Senangnya bisa nonton 2PM :) Kemaren-kemaren di TV, majalah, internet, ada berita ini aku keinget kamu hahaha :D

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  20. OMG OMG u see them!! u're so lucky! I just had a chance to assist to the SMTown Paris last year! I hope I can see them one day and the YG concert!!


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