Easy Access to Clozette Indonesia

Hi, clozetters! 
I'm gonna share you another good news from my favorite fashion & beauty social network, Clozette Indonesia.

1. You can access Clozette Indonesia's site through your smartphones!

- Buka mobile site Clozette melalui browser HP atau gadget kamu, search Clozette Indonesia atau langsung ketik alamat:
- Browse, Upload dan berbagi langsung dari HP atau gadget kamu!

I know, sometimes you don't really have time to update your sns accounts through computer / laptop, so this is such a greaaaaattttt invention!!


2. Connect your Instagram account with your Clozette Indonesia account!
- Pilih “Setting” pada drop down menu akun Clozette
- Di tab “Profile”; klik “ON” pada bagian Instagram Connect
- Tambahkan hashtag #ClozetteID pada caption foto kamu di Instagram; foto akan secara otomatis tersimpan di akun Clozette-mu pada collection “Instagram”
- Let’s play away with hashtag: tambahkan juga hashtag #Fashion #OOTD  #Hijab #Beauty #Selfie #Makeup
- More info cek di

So.. what are you waiting for? Let's SIGN UP on Clozette Indonesia & follow my account! You can also be an ambassador too like me if you're active! Read here for infos about being an ambassador! ;D 

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