Winter Holiday Wishlist

I'm currently planning for a winter trip with my parents. Travelling in style is a must but comfort is also important. So here is my Winter Trip wish list!


I pick my wishlist from SHOPBOP. Their online store is very amazing and carries 400 designers ! So, I can easily get many clothes from different brands only from 1 site. This is also perfect for Indonesians who are still confused with the tax payment from international shipping, because on SHOPBOP, we pay the tax during our payment on the website, so we don't need to worry anymore once the package has arrived in Indonesia. Amazing, right? Don't worry about the price! They're mostly cheaper than any other online stores, and of course you can save $$$ because it's waay cheaper than boutiques' price!

Now, let's see what are the stuffs in my wishlist!
  1. MOSCHINO Baseball Cap - $525 (IDR 6,192,558)
  2. FRAME Le Color Rip Skinny Jeans - $199 (IDR 2,347,274)
  3. DKNY Grommet Wedge Sneakers  - $195 (IDR 2,300,093)
  4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bagpack - $895 (IDR 10,556,838)
  5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pom Pom Stripe Snake Print Scarf - $128 (IDR 1,509,804)
  6. UNIF I Dye Moto Jacket - $178 (IDR 2,099,572)
  7. UNIF Slacker Moto Jacket - $168 (IDR 1,981,618)
  8. Kate Spade Hexagon Geometric Scarf - $89.60 (IDR 1,056,863)
  9. Elizabeth & James Lafayette Cat Eye Sunglasses - $155 (IDR 1,828,279)


  1. i need tha UNIF jacket! *die*

  2. I want number 2 and number 7 >-< so badly


  3. I like the sneakers ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
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    Love John Setrodipo

  5. I like the backpack! :D

  6. I want that number 3 and 6 <3 <3 *_*

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    kerenz nie buat dibaca. . .
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  8. Ver, have you ever buy anything from Shopbop? is it safe?


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