My Facial Skincare Routine

I don't have a flawless skin. In fact, I still have pimples sometimes and my skin is quite dry. But, many people keep asking me my skincare routine and also tips to fight acne. That's why I decide to write this post and hopefully this will be a good source of information for you. 

DISCLAIMER : everyone has different skin type and sensitiveness . Not all of the products I use / recomment will suit / work on your skin. The key is to KEEP TRYING to find the right product for your own skin. That's what I do to fight my acne problem back then and till now to keep improving my skin. 


1. Wash my face with Avene Soapless Foaming Gel

I've been using this product for 2 years. My skin was still acne-prone back then. It's soapless, which is why it's suitable for my sensitive skin. Before I started using this product, my face's skin would be very dry after I used other brands' facial cleansers.

Where to buy? I always buy this in Guardian / Watsons in Singapore. Sadly, this product isn't available in Indonesia. So everytime I go to Singapore, I always stock up this product. I can use 1 of this for 8-12 months because I only need to squirt a little (around 1 drop) to make it foam. 

2. Morning moisturizer + sunscreen : Avene Light Hydrating Cream

It has SPF 25 and absorbs quickly and doesn't make my face oily, but I like to wait around 5mins before I apply make up.

Where to buy? This product is available in all of Avene's booths in Indonesia. I usually buy this at Guardian , Central Park Mall - Jakarta
Price? Around IDR 400.000

 Other products I sometimes (NOT EVERYDAY) use in the morning 

I use this to replace my Avene Light Hydrating Cream only when I am going out under the sun (because it has higher SPF). It's a gel, so it doesn't make my face become too oily compared to other sunscreens. For daily use, I don't use this because it's a bit more oily than my Avene. It can be used for body too!
Where to buy? As far as I know, it's available in Hypermart and Guardian
Price? Around IDR 30-35.000? (I don't remember the exact price)  

2. Avene Spring Thermal Water Facial Spray

I use this product whenever I feel my skin is dry. I can apply it before make up or even after make up. It's good to soothe irritated & acne-prone skin too. When I had many acnes back then, I'd spray this to my face everytime my face's full of redness. 

Where to buy? This product can be found at Guardian, Century that carries Avene's products (usually they're big malls in Jakarta)
Price? Almost IDR 200.000 for the medium size. I don't really remember. Please check the price to the store to make sure. 


1. I'll make sure to remove all make up & clean my face with Bioderma / Biore/Shikada/Pond's Facial Wipes

Bioderma is a very good make up remover for sensitive skin. The only thing I don't like from this product is that it's not as practical as using facial wipes to use as I have to use many cotton pads to remove my make up. 

Where to buy? All Guardian that carries Bioderma (usually big malls in Jakarta)
Price? Around IDR 250.000

This is my FAVORITE facial wipes. It's very soft and works really fastttt to remove all of my make up. The only negative point that it's quite expensive for one pack of facial wipes. So I only use this if I had a thick make up on.

Where to buy?  I buy this at Guardian Central Park, but I saw this product in Guardian Taman Anggrek Mall and AEON Mall BSD. (usually big malls in Jakarta)
Price? Around IDR 97.000

 It's affordable and quite good. I recommend you to use this product before you wash your face (don't care wheter you have make up / don't wear any make up, there mustttt be dust on your skin because of pollution!!!)

Where to buy? It can be found in any supermarket like Hypermart, carrefour, and minimarkets like Alfamart, Indomart. 
Price? Around IDR 20.000

This works the same like SHIKADA. I recommend this to use if you have acne-prone skin / currently dealing with acne problem.

Where to buy?  It can be found in any supermarket like Hypermart, carrefour, and minimarkets like Alfamart, Indomart. 
Price? Around IDR 30.000

2. Wash my face with Avene Soapless Foaming Gel (pic please see above, at morning section)

3. Moisturize my skin with JOSIE MARAN ARGAN OIL 


It's quite moisturizing (not enough for my skin tho) and can heal acne at the same time. I've been using this for 2 months, but I want to try Tarte's Maracuja Oil. I'm still trying to find the perfect moisturizer. 

Where to buy? I bought it online from
Price? IDR 280.000 

2. TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Ultra Rich Eye cream

I use this to reduce my eyebags & dark circles. It's quite good.
Where to buy? Too cool for school - Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta
Price? IDR 100.000 (bought it on SALE. lol)

Other products I sometimes (NOT EVERYDAY) use at night

1. L'occitane Precious Night Cream

It's one of the best moisturizer I ever tried, but it's my dad's and it's quite pricey. So I don't use this everyday. 

Where to buy? L'occitane stores. Central Park Jakarta, Senayan City Jakarta, etc. CLICK HERE to find the nearest store
Price? IDR 1.100.000  

2. Mario Badescu Drying Cream and Pond's Overnight Pimple Gel 

For bumps (acne which is still under the skin) I use Mario Badescu
For redness, pimples, white heads, I use Pond's.

I use these to heal my pimple / acne (I still have it sometimes, esp. during my period time). They all work great and it takes 1-3 days to heal the acne / pimple.  

**For Mario Badescu --> Where to buy?  I bought this from
Price? IDR 290.000
**For Pond's --> Where to buy? It can be found in any supermarket like Hypermart, carrefour, and minimarkets like Alfamart, Indomart. 
Price? I don't remember. 

3. Korean Facial Masks

I buy them randomly and depending on my mood. I usually buy them from any korean make up stores like Etude, Face Shop, Tony Molly, etc. They all work great. I use this mask 2-4x a month.


PLEASE don't ask me this question :  
Ci kalau beli di kota slain Jakarta / tmpat yg cc mention di atas / online ada ga ya? Buat kulitku cocok ga ya?
because this is what I'll answer you  : 
-Sorry I don't know. Because I live in Jakarta & biasanya aku belinya di tempat2 itu. Try googling / search in instagram. Example : #jualarganoil #jualbioderma , etc. 
-Tiap orang cocok"an kl sama product skincare. Belum tentu produk yg aku blg bagus bakal bagus jg di kamu, ataupun sebaliknya. Jadi kuncinya ya coba2 dulu aja sambil cari2 yg paling pas buat kulit kamu. 

For my NEXT POST, should I write about DIY Face Masks or TIPS TO FIGHT ACNE?
Let me know your opinion below. THANKSS!! :)


  1. Thank you soo much for the tips. I am still fighting for my acne too, and spent like a lot of money to find a suitable product for me T.T my skin are super sensitive with make up. I often get a disastrous breakouts that is why sometimes im scared to try new products :( and btw, i use avene thermal spray too. And it does its job well to fight and blemish acne scar :) im looking forward for your DIY face mask ;)

  2. Wow, I'm really looking forward for both posts! But perhaps, DIY Masks first? My skin is the opposite, super oily with large pores that's why it comes with endless vicious cycle with acne :( so full of oil that I need to use volcanic mud mask 3-4x a week to reduce my blemish and achieve temporary flawless skin. Luckily now I've found a suitable brand for my skin :)

  3. great review veren! i hava such a same problem too and we know that everybody dont suit the exactly same product, so i have another review too :)

    kindly visit mine

  4. Thank you for the tips. I'm looking forward to try these products, Veren. I have such a combination skin, sometimes it's dry, sometimes it's oily. It's annoying sometimes. But like you said, we have to keep trying to find the right products for ourselves! :)

    All the love, Eiren. :) xx

  5. great tips <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  6. thanks for sharing this Veren <3

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  7. Thank you for the tips, Veren!

  8. Veren, thanks for posting this.
    I heard a lot about Mario Badescu and seriously I'm dying to try...I have bumps on my face that don't heal for months. it doesnt come out as zits, but just bumps. sooo frustrating right? you can't pick it, you can't put acne cream/medicine on it, you can't do nothing out of ordinary routine. :(

  9. Nice post!! It really helped me a lot. One more product I want to add to your list is Dermology acne removal kit. It is best treatment for acne.


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