College Life

Hello everyone! My life in Jakarta has become hectic unexpectedly, which is why I just have the time to update my blog today .
Well, my college's schedule isn't that busy actually, but since the internet connection in my apartment was horrible last month, I rarely touched my laptop (I even stopped being a hard-core k-drama fans) and filled my leisure time by going to the gym.


But last week I finally had a new router and a high speed internet connection, so yeah... let's update this blog with what's going on in my life!

Here I am going to share you my campus OOTDs. Well, I couldn't take pic of every single outfit since I almost always rushed to go home right after the class has been dismissed as I want to avoid traffic jam, but here are some of them that I managed to snap. 


You can watch the snippets of my daily campus outfits and activities (what I'm currently learning) on my Snapchat: VHLIE.

Many of you asked on my
how my college life is and what fashion business major is. I'm not an expert since I've just started my college life nor I'm a marketing manager / admission staff of my school (LOL), but lemme give u a short brief. 


Fashion Business is different from Fashion Design major. If you design, draw, and sew in Fashion Design..... in Fashion Business, we learn about the marketing strategy, how to do accounting, the job tasks in fashion industry (what fashion buyers / stylists / merchandisers do), the history of fashion, visual merchandising (like how to make the store's display, styling, etc to attract the customers), and even photoshop skills to create editorials / catalogues, and maaaaany more.

I don't draw sketches nor sew anything. Fashion Design major usually creates clothes / a collection from the start and the design is very personal and more complicated according to the designer's imagination..., but in Fashion Business it's usually only for final project. We'll design our own clothes but we don't need to sew it, we can just ask a tailor to sew our clothes, and our clothes are usually more 'basic' and more ready-to-wear, BUT we need to create our shop's interior, display, styling, catalogue, etc. So, it's more focused on selling the products, promoting the brand in a mass market scale. That's why we call it FASHION BUSINESS. Clear enough? ;D


I enjoy learning in college because the subjects are interesting and related to my passion. Of course, there are times where I feel bored during the class, but it's normal... Everyone experiences this, right? And as for the assignments, some are fun, some are kinda complicated.. but I'm still happy because I'm doing the steps of my passion in Fashion! Recently I got an assignment to research a department store (how's the display, store management, promotion, etc), research a specific history of fashion in the past time, and make a my own magazine cover. 

How is it to live far from your parents?
Well, at first I thought I wouldn't experience home-sick as my parents come to visit me quite often.
I don't mind driving anywhere by myself, cleaning the whole apartment on my own, cleaning my own laundry, and ordering meals... But on the first two weeks I couldn't stand living without my mom's homemade cookings, so I went home on weekend. lol. And every time my parents are here / my bro wakes up early, I'd beg them to drive me to school as I'm tired of driving sometimes... HAHAHA.

I live with my bro so I'm not that lonely.. Although my brother is busy, he always looks after me and even brings me along to hang out with him & his gf on weekends (which I'm actually feel sorry about to disturb their time.. so please.. bro... FIND A BOYFRIEND for me!! T_T. I've been single for too long till the level where I feel so lonely and desperate. HAHA. )


I also have a new upcoming project with my college mate, Leslie. We're opening an ONLINE STORE of hand-picked fashion items. We're going to have a shopping trip next week, if you have a specific item on your wishlist, we'll try to make it come true. 

Wow. I've blabbered quite a lot today... So I think that's all for this posting!

Anyway, I've just posted a STYLING TIP for FRONT BUTTON SKIRT on WhatWeLike website. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE! Don't forget to follow my blog there to read the latest tips by me :)


  1. Thanks for sharing Veren! :)

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  2. lovely looks <33
    good luck for your college life dear :))

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. loving all of your outfits especially the one at the tennis court ;)

    Deasy Tantra

  4. ...aku baru tau perbedaannya...hahaha (padahal niat masuk fashion design...)
    But reading your blog post, jadi tambah bimbang mau fashion business apa design...>,<

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!!

  5. Love the black and stripes outfits on the third look!
    Wish you will enjoy your college life and keep on inspiring people :)

  6. I see a cute girl in every chic outfit!!! Hehe. College life is fun & enjoyable if u really, really experience it to the utmost! Well, best of luck in whatever u embark on now & then.

  7. It looks like you are having a very fun college life. I cant wait till college! And, I'm sure you will get a boyfriend soon ^.^ I cant wait to see how cute you and your boyfriend will be, lol.

  8. share your assignments sometimes, i think it would be so interesting ^^
    have a great college years!

  9. What a cool college. You have many stylish friends too. It's so nice to see you with your campus outfits. Good luck on your study!

  10. good luck for your project!💖

  11. It actually feels good doesn't it to start a new journey? :D Your college friends look so awesome, just like you! I wonder how it feels like to be in a creative environment haha. Good luck for everything, Veren!


  12. It is nice to see someone entering the art industry. Now you wished that you had a boyfriend but oh boy when the submission date is near, you would've wish that each day is more than 24 hours because you would barely have enough time for everything!

    Much love,

  13. i hope you enjoy college life, especially considering you're majoring in something you obviously are passionate about!

  14. OMG you're a college girl now! Hope you will be as success as what you've been dreaming all this time ;)

    . Hanifa .


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