Last Saturday, I got the opportunity to watch GOT7's Flight Log: Turbulence Fan Meeting at The Kasablanka Hall, Jakarta with other Clozette Indonesia's ambassadors! I got the ticket from Samsung Galaxy J Prime & Clozette.

As many of you already know, I'm a korean lover (everything from the fashion, food, travel, beauty, dramas, music, movies, etc) and I used to be a k-poper in my high school days. I've  watched a few k-pop concerts like 2PM, Super Junior, and Winner! 


So when GOT7 announced their fan meeting in Jakarta, I was eager to go! Jackson and Mark are my favorite members. How about you??


The fan meeting was scheduled to start at 18.30. I came there around 18.00. The hall and queue were very well organized and managed!! I was quite surprise seeing that situation, as my past experiences of watching kpop concerts in Jakarta were such a mess. Bravo to MECIMA PRO & IGOT7s!


The fan meeting started on time. The fans were very enthusiastic and screaming before GOT7 even come out till the end of the fanmeet! LOL!

GOT7 performed most of their hits from Turbulence album and of course, Hardcarry was the best song!


There were also a play time session with lucky IGOT7s and chat session! It was so fun seeing how humble and playful the members are!

Before the encore, IGOT7 prepared a surprise to GOT7. It was a video compilation of IGOT7 from all over Indonesia. They were teary watching the video (so was I T.T).


Overall, I really had fun at the fan meeting! Thanks to Samsung Galaxy J PrimeClozette Indonesia for the ticket.
I also feel very grateful and want to praise the promotor, MECIMA PRO for bringing GOT7 to Jakarta and making the event run very welll! It was the best k-pop event I've ever attended ;)



  1. Wah Got7. I like Mark, too. But my bias are Mark, Bambam & Jinyoung actually hehe. Lucky You Veren can meet them in their fanmeet ^^

    xoxo, Kartikaryani

  2. lovely photos
    Let me know how your week is going?
    Do have a lovely Thursday.

  3. Aaaa you're so lucky! I'm like TT lol

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Seems like you had a great time! :) xx

    All the love as always, Eiren.

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