Those Goals

and the list goes on.

Those terms seem very familiar these days, right?
Especially when in this high tech era, we can see others' and share our own personal lives on social medias.
I often use this kind of terms too whenever I see a pic of someone pretty / a couple looking very great to each other or anything else.

But, suddenly I have a thought. 
Are those terms good or necessary?

Well, maybe depends on your actions. 
It might create a mindset where those #goals as the common "standard" to the society.
For example, a #bodygoal is a body with big boobs, booty, and flat abs. 

Where on the other side, 
Remember that each of us has our own uniqueness, our own plus and minus, and we're all incomparable to anyone else. 

I don't want the common standards of #lifegoal #bodygoal #couplegoal #blalablagoal make people think that they should be that way too in order to be happy and liked or accepted by others.

I want everyone (including me) to define our own happiness from our heart, not from what we think we should be.

I don't need to be like anybody else to be happy. I don't need to have a castle-like house, a fine dining everyday, nor a super beautiful face & body to be happy. Simple things like eating my favorite food, being lazy in my tiny yet cozy bedroom, having a good talk with my parents, and a fun hang out with my friends can truly make me happy. My life is just perfectly imperfect as it is. I'm working on my own dreams in life. 

Create your own #GOALS that truly come from your heart.


  1. Totally agree with you. Happiness comes from within, and we dont need specific standards to make ourselves happy. As long as we are content with the simplicity we have right now, then keep going :)


  2. Hi,

    Can you please get back to me once you see this message? I tried reaching you on your email but with no luck so I would appreciate if you could check for my emails and replay as soon as possible.

    Blair from Irresistible Me

  3. So loving this post of yours, Veren!
    I've read this kind of caption somewhere in instagram, saying:
    "we often compared our backstage life to others' runaway ready".
    I couldn't agree more with this sentence.
    And I found that when someone starting to say #blablablagoal, they completely do what that caption is saying. Nobody's more perfect/fit to be us except our own selves. And we can never be the best version of ourselves if we keep on pursuing what others are having in their lives.

    kisses from Tokyo,


  4. "We often compared our backstage life to others' runaway ready.." Wow, Veren. Just wow. I don't even know what to say but now I finally realized it. That is very true, I guess it's the realest thing I've ever read!

    All the love as always, Eiren.


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