Hello April


Before I start babbling, I just wanna say  everything's going to be written truthfully here  and nothing is a lie because I don't participate april mop. 


I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday party yesterday. I wore a top and a hair-clip from forever21, skirt from Zara, bag from Mango, and shoes c/o OASAPI think my top and skirt made me look more mature here, so I pair them with the shoes from Oasap to suit my age more. 
I've been longing for creeper shoes because they're very comfortable like flat shoes but they also add up some height :> . I can wear them to walk for hours without feeling tired at all. Thank you so much OASAP! 


The school examination has ended yesterday. Finally I'm free from sleepless night even though it's just for a while because I'm gonna face another exams soon -_-. I'm not really satisfied with what I've done in school examination, because I realized I made some little mistakes and it made me can't get 100 :((. Ugh I can't imagine when the result is out, my friends got some 100 and I don't get any because of my carelessness T____T. *cheer up, Veren. In the national exam I must get at least one perfect score no matter whatttt. I must work harder and be more careful*. aaaaaahhh I feel like I wanna scream as loud as I can T.T T.T T.T


My school also did a change for the classes in the 9th grade. They separated us from the original class, and made 4 new classes, consist of class A (1st - 30th rank ) , B class, C class, and D class out of 120 students. And I'm proud to say I'm in the A class :> *yay*. It's sad to separate with some of my friends, I'll miss them and I hope I can get along well with my new classmates. The new class will start tomorrow, and now I'm imagining how it feels like being in one class with smart, diligent, and very ambitious people. I really hope it will give good effects for me and make me more diligent and ambitious.  Since the school exam has ended and we only have national exam left, there'll be only 7 subjects now. They're 4 national exam subjects (mathematics, science, bahasa, and english language) and some additional subjects to make us less stressed like art, p.e, and counselling. Other subjects like social, pkn, javanese language, i.t, etc. which have memorizing skills are all GONE and I feel like I wanna burn the books because I dislike memorizing!! -__-. 


Now I'm going to read blog subscriptions and watch some shows that I missed! :D :D *happy* *dance*



If you have some questions to ask, feel free to ask me anything on formspring, and let's play draw something together! my user name is Veren Lee. (I'm using fb account to connect with drawsomething)  :] . My drawings are so ugly because I can't draw, so please tolerate about that, but because it's only a game, let's just have fun with any kind of drawings, okay? :P 


  1. I love your shoes dear! You look so pretty as always :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. that's right you look more mature, but I love this look.. and that shoes are adorably cute!!

  3. I love your outfit, and I hope you get used to your new class and good luck for the exams to come after.

  4. fancy your shoes and good luck for the upcoming exams, do your best!:)

  5. cute shoes! goodluck for ur exam :)

  6. congrats for being in the A class, ver! :) i somehow proud of you too~

  7. super love your top and your shoes veren ♥
    you look pretty as always , i love your hair style.
    your hair seems healthy and soo long.envyy!

  8. cheer up Veren! masih ada National exam.. :)

    your shoes is really great! also in brown (one of my fav color). I'm gonna invite you next time if I play drawing something in facebook. hihi, I also enjoy playing it.

    Ah ya, I'm having my "Blog Photo Book" giveaway on my blog now. Hope you can drop by and join.. :)


  9. Verenn, you are so cute in here, aaaa <3
    btw, love your gorgeous shoes dear ;)


  10. You look so pretty dear.
    I Love your shoes so much..(´∀`)♡
    And good luck for your exam dear....!!!

  11. those shoes are just perfect!! ohhh

  12. cute shoes . veren !

  13. So pretty ci veren!! btw, I love your shoes!

    mind to visit my blog?

  14. So pretty and cute, veren. i love your top and shoes <3

  15. hello veren..i always love ur outfit^^ well,i think u still look cute.. good luck on ur lesson too(as i have same problem here)

  16. Always cute!! :D

  17. hey cantikk :) you look pretty there veren!
    I like your f21 top :) and your new fringe is good. you look more mature.

  18. i love your blouse. :) totally beautiful! :)
    oh, i always want to try those kind of shoes, but i think i will look weird..>.<

    YEY!! :D what left is national exam. :D Goodluck Veren! :D

  19. lovely outfit
    i love your shoes too :)


  20. AH! Imut sekali sepatunyaaa, Verennya jugaaa ♥
    Btw congrats for being in the A Class, your parents must be very proud of you!
    My advice is just don't forget to have some fun! ;)


  21. Super cute shoes ♥ youu also pretty veren :)


  22. So cute, as always. Love the creepers =)

  23. cute bag amazing soles :)

    Herdiana Surachman

  24. I'm preparing for UAN too, now ! and all the subjects makes me frustated.that's a cute floral top ;)xx

  25. i love those shoes!!!

  26. Fighting, veren! I love those outfit anyway. Your top and skirt looks so cute, dear.


  27. Though not crazy about oxford-type shoes, I do like these shoes to go along with the blouse and skirt. You look very nice.

    As for your studies, just keep doing your best. Learn as much as you can and do your best.

  28. i love your top and creepers ver, you look so daring! and as per your marks, dont get stressed.. i know you could achieve 100 in the national exams bcs you are in the A class, which means that you are smart! good luck with it ver :D


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