Double Plaids

photo 5

Hellooo again, Saturday!
This was the outfit I wore last Tuesday where I went to have lunch in a restaurant in Tegal with my family, which very very rarely happen. My mom cooks all the time (3 times a day x 7 days a week x 30 days a month x 356 days a year, except on holiday where we're not home) and my dad never really likes food from the restaurents. Hahaha!

photo 3

I tried to do something new with this outfit. I wore 2 plaid shirts as a skirt! It's very simple. I wore shorts underneath, tied one shirt to the back, and tied the other one to the front. And tadaaahh~~ ... the shirts became a skirt in a blink ;P

photo 1

I can say I'm vey happy this week. I finished reading 'Crazy Rich Asians' novel in 2 days (mom got angry because I seem tired but I read instead of napping! hahaha), no monthly exams at all, not too much activities, and my savings is increasing which means I can't wait to buy a new bag! xP

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photo 5


And I just want to say to the teenagers at my age who often ask me how to be popular on this blogging sphere..
"Don't blog just because you want to be famous. Don't blog just because you want to get freebies. But blog because you want to share to others your stories, your creativities, your thoughts, and record the growth of yourself through this online diary... Blog with all of your heart!"

I said that because through that way, you'll keep being yourself, not being someone famous that you wish to be. Cause everyone is unique in their own ways, and people will simply get interested to you and read your blog, if you're being your own self. not anyone else. 

During my early blogging days, I was very happy even when I didn't have too many readers, because even with only posting my daily activities on my blog and getting responses from my readers (my new friends), I was already happy!:)

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  1. pretty girl ><
    always love your style!

  2. veren, who take your pics? they're seems to be from a good angle and good composition.


  3. love this outfit ci ! and the plaids skirt idea is very nice lol

  4. what a cool look! love the 2 shirts as skirt idea ;;)
    btw I love it when you talked about your life/experience in blogging here :D

    cheer, michelle

  5. OMG u're very cretive. i love ur style. wow ! :) btw im malaysian. visit my blog if you want ^^

  6. your creation with the 2 plaid shirt is works!!<3
    it looks so good to be a skirt, love it!!<3
    and love the clutch too!!<3

  7. a smart way to wear plaids! looooove it ; )


  8. love it

  9. i love how you mix and match that outfit :D look so cute and cool at the same time :)

  10. I like ur sweatshirt, and I agree with you, we must blogging with heart not only to be famous<3 have a cute day:D

  11. form head to toe is just so inspiring!!!

    Wulan Wu on

  12. I'm definitely gonna try to make a skirt out of my 2 plaid shirts :) thanks for the idea

  13. Nice sweatershirt! Love it max!

    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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