Whatever Makes You Feel Happy, Keep It


Hi! How's your day? Mine was great! :). I'm really looking forward for Thursday because I'll be going to Jakarta on that day and I'll skip school on Friday and Saturday! Well, I'll miss some lessons at school but my brain and mind are just so complicated and heavy and I think some refreshments will relax me a bit. I'm going to Jakarta only for 3 days because my brother will have a graduation ceremony and we'll take a family photo :D.


If you're following my twitter, you might have read my statuses about a girl who kept contacting me through iMessage and FACETIME (I use my e-mail). She kept asking me to  'kenalan' (chat and be friends with her). She called me multiple times ! Well, I find no problem to be friends with people, but out of all social networking sites / chatting apps, why did she have to use iMessage and Facetime?? Hello? Facetime? Was she really about to call me face to face? I was very annoyed because I thought that's very rude and I kept rejecting her calls and at the end I blocked her. =_=. I didn't even know who she was... 

Even I already got annoyed with some people who directly contacted me through LINE when I clearly put my e-mail on my blog and instagram profile. I've always thought and I always think some chatting apps are meant to be private , for us to chat with our friends / close acquaintances.  

Well, we can chat through Line / Whatsapp / even iMessage, but isn't it better to ask for my willing / permission first through e-mail ? I think that's a very appropriate and polite way. Contact me first through e-mail, I reply (decide whether this matter can just be simply discussed on e-mail or need another way to chat), and then if so, I let you know my ID anddd we can chat more freely and easily through those chatting applications. Case closed?



I've uploaded a preview of this post on my instagram last Sunday, and people said I look taller here! Uhmm... to be honest I'm only 153-154cm in real life, but high heels always help me to make me look taller! To make myself look even moreee tallerrr, I wore shorts to show my chicken legs! Huehehe ;p.

You may also notice that I love varsity jackets! I can't help to get another varsity jacket for myself when I saw this on Queenbee Shop's catalog. It's a varsity jacket and it's lace! A combination of young and feminine style, which suits my taste perfectly. I recommend you to check Queenbee Shop's collection because the stuffs they sell are very stylish and affordable (100-200k). It's a perfect store for teenagers like me to look stylish without spending too much money! :). They open a pre-order for imported clothes from China every month, so you'd better like the page / follow their instagram @queenbeeshopqbs , so you won't miss every promo they make!

  • Lace varsity jacket c/o Queenbee Shop (instagram: @queenbeeshopqbs)
  • Basic Tee in Red c/o Gowigasa (instagram: @gowigasa)
  • Tribal denim shorts from @Platform_store (instagram)
  • White mesh lace up boots c/o Mart of China
  • Black satchel bag from Topshop


One of my all time favorite local online stores , Gowigasa, has just released their first basic collection! There are many varieties of styles ranging from A Line Skirt, Basic Short Sleeve Tee, Button up Shirts, and Turtle Neck top (it's the latest trend! I saw so many turtle neck tops on Vivi Magazine September 2013!!). This top I'm wearing is just so good and made from a good material. I felt so comfortable wearing it. It's very affordable too! Only IDR 95.000 and you can get special discount if you buy 3 ! Click here to shop Gowigasa's basic collection. I got 8 items from this collection and I can't waaaiitt to wear the rest of them and show you how amazing they are! ;D




Last but not least, please kindly check my blogshop ! I'm selling some of my old clothes there in great conditions. I need to clean my closet and give some space for my new clothes! Hihihi ;)


  1. Lovely heels *0*

    恵美より ♥

  2. lovely, i love your jacket so much it looks so cool :D

    cheer, michelle

  3. Your shorts are so cool

  4. This is one of few varsity jackets I like. That, along with the tribal shorts and the lace-up booties make for a sweet outfit. You're put together very nicely with this outfit, Veren.

  5. super love the outer.
    and yes, you do look taller.

    love reading your blog, It's very refreshing and genuine and I really appreciate that :)


  7. ID line-nya di-hidden aja ver :) jadi nggak ada yang bisa nemu akun line kamu. Kalo ada endorse, dan kamu minat, tinggal kamu aja yang add line-nya si olshop :)

  8. Lace but still can be street style, very cool jacket, and shoes !!


  9. I adore your jacket !


  10. i love this outfit! especially that white shoe! <3
    and yeah, what that girl do is beyond the limit :<

  11. nice post!!!

  12. Lovely look veren ♥
    Nice to meet you! :) I love your short so much & shoes! Don't forget about them!


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