I love reading

I love reading . Reading has been a hobby of mine since I was still in elementary school . I got addicted to short stories when I was in the 3rd grade, and in the 4th grade I collected almost all of "Lupus Kecil" novels. They were hillarious. In the 5th-6th grade I didn't really read novels anymore, then I started to like comics, especially the 'cherry' series, Doraemon, Hagemaru, Miiko, Dectective Conan, and maaaany more. But during those times of my addiction to comics, I still read novels, and the inly author I read was only Jacqueline Wilson. I always lovee her stories! And I've always had a thing for stories that its point of view is the first person (as I, me.)

In the junior high school (7th-9th) grade, and 1st year of senior high school (10th grade), I don't go to bookstores that often anymore due to my busy schedule that is almost impossible for me to read books T.T. I only buy novels / comics from my fave authors.. I don't really look for new books/ authors :(. Beside Jacqueline Wilson, I love 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' too. Hehe #totalkid

But then earlier this year, I started to love novels again. I read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green. It was so good. I love young-adult novels so much. 

Last night I finished John Green's "Looking for Alaska" which contains lots of famous people's last words. That book surely gave me new knowledges.

Now, I'm currently on the train en route to Jakarta (yay!), reading my third book of John Green's ; "An Abundance of Khaterines". This book has lots of foreign terms, which are also new knowledges for me! 

I love how John Green's books give me not only romantic/funny young-adult story, but also knowledges that he adds to his stories. There are lots of books or historical knowledges that his characters mentioned. I just love it. I'm getting more and more addicted to reading.

I hope I can read more books this year and 'increase' my reading skill and expand it to another genres of book besides young-adult books. 

And fyi, almost all the novels I read are in English. It's not that I'm disgracing my own language (bahasa), but this is also a way for me to learn English . I don't go to an international high school (or there's not any international high school in my city to be exact), I also rarellyyy speak in English with my friends / parents. So, the conclusion is reading really gives me so many benefits!! 

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See ya! :)


  1. I love reading too :) Tapi biasanya baca online. Coba deh di :) di iOS atau android juga ada aplikasinya. cari aja di app store :) The best part is... It's totally FREE!!! *malah promo*

  2. Good Hobby!
    Same with me, I love to reading novel, comics, or biography
    Elementary school I love to read bobo magazine But, typical print book about story, only story
    and until now, I love to go to bookstore :) I go to bookstore once a week ♥

  3. haii veren... Read a book can bring us travel the world... And i love reading books too..
    I love your blogs, and where are you from?
    Please kindly to check and follow my blog to.. thanks so much

  4. Sweet to have a lovely passion for reading ^^ Keep it up!

    恵美より ♥

  5. I love reading too! And I'm reading Looking for Alaska now *u*
    Have a good day!

  6. i love reading too !
    i collected tons of comics, magazines, and a couples of novels
    i seriously cried when reading TFIOS lol

  7. I love to read too!! John Green's novels are all great :D
    you should read the clique series, the stories are all good ^^

    cheer, michelle

  8. The Fault in Our Stars is a amazing book and I will start to read An Abundance of Khaterines soon :)
    I love read too :) And congrats for your 5k followers on instagram!

  9. I have been reading Looking for Alaska for a while but I haven't finished it because there are some adult material in the book :O tbh I prefer TFIOS than Looking for Alaska :)


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