Black Cats


Another hectic week has passed and a 3 days holiday is in front of my eyes! Like usual, I've planned several plans to do during my short holiday (my seniors are going to have exams). Last year, I lost around 2-3 kgs after I followed my mom's aerobic classes in the morning during this kind of holiday. But this year... the activities that me and my friends have planned are going to Cirebon to watch new movies and visited the new mall there and going to raft again... X_X (Diet starts later)


I managed to spare some little time to shoot some new photos a few days ago and luckily my juniors were able to help me taking these photos on that day. I didn't really go to school and attend the classes last week, because I was busy watching my friends' sports competitions and supporting them in the morning (Wednesday and Thursday). Then on Friday, I went to school, had my driving lessons after that, and became a host for a mini concert at my church in the evening till 9.30pm.

 On Saturday (yesterday), I decided to skip school since it ended earlier than usual at 9.40am (the whole school had to clean the classrooms to prepare the exams)  and I was too tired after the night before's activity. I was soooo tired and sleepy, and I'd end up sleeping during the lessons anyway. So, I woke up around 7.15am, went to watch my friends' swimming competition at 10am and had lunch with them at noon.


Last night, I went karaoke-ing with 2 of my friends for an hour (which totally wasn't enough. we'd surely come back later). Then, we went to our favorite hang-out spot to have some drinks and snacks there. We also chatted about many things for around 3 hours! Only buddies can do that ;)

DSC_0854 copy

About this outfit, I wore this knitted sweater dress that I received from Ladies Shop She Needs. The weather is getting weirder lately, it can be so hot in the morning, and suddenly so breezy in the afternoon. So, sweaters are my top pick these days.




I often feel awkward to smile with my teeth showing, because my cheeks would look so huge. But it don't look so in this photo and  I love it. Maybe this photo's angle is just right :P


As for the headband (headscarf) that I'm wearing here, it's my mom's. My mom collected this kind of scarves and she has around more than 10 different colors of this pattern. She wears this scarf to her aerobic classes. hahaha. I'm lucky to have such a fashionable mom! I like to borrow her clothes, bags, shoes, etc, and so does her! We also often accusse each other about who borrows our stuffs the most =_=".


The last photo of this post is me with my friend's grandpa's dog, Pam pam. I met him in  the park . Why did Pam pam look so grumpy?? T.T


  1. Am not a big fan of cat but I think your bag is too cute veren! <3<3<3
    You look so fresh yet more mature now! Loving it!

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  2. You looks more mature here Veren! :D maybe it's because your hair? :D


  3. I love your look! Like what Anastasia said, you look matured already :)


  4. I lobe your shoes and your cat bag. Both of them are perfect!

  5. Really cute and adorable outfit!!!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  6. Really adore your shoes. And your daily makes me miss my high school time so bad!

  7. lovely outfit veren! :)

  8. cute outfit!

  9. What a cute dress and dog!


  10. Love your dress and your creepers ❤❤

  11. love your oversized sweater and creepers! you look so pretty Verrr xx

    Letters To Juliet

  12. love your style!

  13. You look adorable as always! Love the oversized jumper Veren! xx

  14. love your hair! x3
    lovely jumper and creepers :D

    cheer, michelle

  15. I love your shoes vereen :)

    please check out my blog also

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