How I Lost My Weight

I got sooooooo many questions about how did I lose my weight on my I answered them but some people didn't bother to scroll and asked me the same question all over again.. so I decided to share you what I did to lose weights a.k.a my diet routines!

Disclaimer : this is NOT a quick way to lose your weights. Instead, this is just a lifestyle that I do, which surprisingly makes me lose my weights. Because I lost around 6 kilos within a year . I was around 48-49kg, now I'm around 43kg. My height is 153cm

My diet isn't that intense because as a student with many activities, I can't starve myself. (If you want to lose your weight quickly, go for OCD ). I never do a hardcore diet / work out/gym like OCD or something like that... and what I usually do are:

1. Replace white rice with red rice. Or sometimes, boiled broccoli & carrots 


I've been eating red rice instead of white rice since 6th grade EVERYDAY (except when I'm not at home). For the side dishes, I don't really cut the amount. I usually eat stir-fry vegetables (chinese style), tofu, etc. I also still eat meat and other chinese food that my mom makes. (like what I said before, it's not a quick way to lose weights, so I still eat normally. I only replace white rice with red rice & boiled broccoli and carrot)
my meal at home tonight.. Ate a quite big amount of rice because I had many activities today >.<
NOTE: Some people told me they hate red rice because it's hard and tastes weird. The red rice that my mom or mbak usually cooks is not an organic one. My mom said that the organic one tastes the worst and although it's not organic, it's okay because it still has less carbs than the white one . And don't forget to cook it with MORE water (1:1.5))

2. Eat 3 times a day just like usual


Teens like me should not starve theirselves. If you skip your meals, once you have your meal, you'd eat like crazy and eat moreee than you'd ever imagined! I eat my breakfast at 6.30am, lunch at 1.30pm, and dinner at 7pm. Eat less rice, but more VEGETABLES .

3. Subtitute your junk food / snacks with fruits

Sometimes if I'm not full enough with my meals, I'd a lottttt of apples / bananas / papayas / kimchi. They're all healthy, good for your digestion, and don't make you fat too! Just subtitute your snacks with your favorite fruits! Don't eat ice cream / cakes/ breads, but replace them with wheat bread (There's a good bakery in my city that sells wheat bread. The texture is soft enough and doesn't taste too bland. So when I'm hungry around 3pm or above 7pm, I'd eat wheat bread. Just plainly, no jam added!)

4. DON'T eat snacks at school

Lots of people told me that they couldn't help to eat and buy snacks at school's canteen, which is full of junk and fatty food. If I'm on diet, I'd never buy anything beside mineral water at the canteen. Eat 3 times a day , and never ever eat snacks. You can always subtitute them with fruits / yoghurt! 

NOTE: If you still couldn't handle not eating at school because seeing all of your friends eating is just so tempting, bring your breakfast meal to school and eat them during the recess time. I do this sometimes. So, I didn't eat my bfast at 6.30am, but at 10.00am during my recess time, and I'd eat them with my friends. You may buy the meal at school sometimes, but please, NO ICE CREAM / CAKES/ BREAD/ FRENCH FRIES / ANY OTHER JUNK FOOD / GORENGAN!!

5. Drink lots of MINERAL WATER, leave your soda.

I'm lucky enough that my family members aren't a fan of syrup / soda, so we never have syrup / soda bottles in our fridge. We only have mineral water, japanese/chinese tea, and juices :p
Water contains 0 calorie. It means that no matter how much you drink mineral water, it won't make you fat. If you keep drinking sweet tea / soda, you'd get fat easily and die sooner too. (Beware of diabetes , guys)

6. If you're bored with mineral water, make a honey & lemon water! 


Lemon is a natural energizer, it hydrates, it detoxifies, and it keeps your skin clean & clear too! I made lemonade, and when I drink, I fill my cup/glass with 1/4 of lemonade, and 3/4 of water.

How I make this:
a) Cut 2 lemon into a half and a half
b) Squeeze them into the container / glass / cup (don't forget to take out the seeds)
c) Put 3-4 teaspoons of honey
d) Add warm water
e) Mix them well
f) Pour it into a 800ml bottle / pitcher, mix it with water until the bottle is full
g) Save it in the fridge

It tastes sour, so don't forget to mix & drink the lemonade with  water. This is sooo much better than soda! Another benefits of lemon water : click here.

7. Do some exercises!

I'm not good at sports. Some exercices that I can do are swimming, dancing, jumping rope, treadmill, badminton, and this exercise bike. I don't do them often actually since I have so many activities but so little time. I also don't go to the gym because I have many tuitions in the afternoon.
But when I was in the 6th grade, I did jumping rope for 300times a day for around 30-60mins. It was the most EFFECTIVE exercise and indeed made me lose my weights!

When there are examinations, I love to do this exercise bike while studying... When I'm on holiday, I like to join an aerobic class in the morning together with my mom. Now that I get busier, I choose to try these kind of 'less than 15 mins' work out videos that I found on youtube. It's sooo good too!! Click here for example.

You can also do your favorite sports, whether it's basketball / tennis / karate / running /etc. Anything is okay, as long as you exercise at least twice a week.



To do a successful diet, you need a strong determination and you also need to learn how to CONTROL yourself. There are a lot of temptations, but always keep in your mind that you can't get the weight that you've dreamed of if you keep munching junk food

I know that the truth hurts. Other people around you don't need to do diet like this but they have  a good body shape. They eat ice creams, cakes, snacks, yet they're still thin and don't get fat. But, this is the FACT that you have to face.  Everyone has different body types, and the 'easily-get-fat' like us need to leave fatty food. You want to lose weights? There's not an easy way unless you have a high metabolism! Do it or leave it... :)

LAST NOTE: If you've lost your weight, keep living a healthy life style. You may eat ice cream / snacks once in a while (life is too short to not to eat delicious food), but not in a crazy amount you used to take when you're still fat... Andd don't forget to burn those fats away with doing exercises! ;)

(photos are from

Additional info:
How to know whether your weight is ideal or not (based on my biology textbook):

Divide your weight in kilogram with a quadrate of your height in meter

If your result is:
>18 = you're underweight
18-24 = normal
25-30 = fat
>30 = obesity

Feel free to ask me questions on my , but please read this thoroughly first before you ask. Thank you and good luck! :)


  1. this is reaaly helpful! omy! i ate red rice too everyday without fail ) : but i gained 2 kg since last year. maybe because i didn't exercise and when i'm bored i keep stuffing myself with snacks. ahaha
    i should exercise now , your weight lost keeps me motivated!

  2. thank you for the tips veren! really helpful :D

    cheer, michelle

  3. nice post thank you for sharing ^^

  4. Good post, I think it helps a lot of people!

  5. Its a good thing to stay eating normal c: and
    I love eating red rice <3 the honey lemon
    water sounds nice and refreshing as well and
    thanks for the tips! Xx

  6. Thanks for sharing this Veren! I desperately need a weight loss lol. x

  7. Thanks for sharing Veren, berguna banget nih! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

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    Kesly Winona

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