White Flowers

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"Valentine's Day is just around the corner!" That's what I thought when I was 'playing' in my closet (a.k.a dressing up so prettily when I wasn't going anywhere) . I felt like I were such a hopeless romantic, wearing a dress, paired with a pair of new heels, and a mini bag when no body went to meet me / pick me up on that day. lol T.T *crying in the corner*.


Well, enough with my single life blabbering.. I'd only end up watching my besties spending Val's day with their boyfriends with jealously deep inside my heart anyway :'> hahaha. Let's just take this outfit as my recommendation / an outfit idea for Valentine's Day date.. kay?? ;)



I received this beautiful denim dress from Quenellebelle, and totally loving it despite it was a bit too big for me (gotta alter it asapp). It totally suits my feminine style. The denim fabric is embroidered with pretty white flowers which led me to pair it with a pair of my new green bow heels from Mart of China. I also wore a pearl necklace which is actually a bag charm, but I managed to wear it as a necklace by hooking it to my gold chained necklace hehe :p. And to add a bit more of bright color onto this outfit, I carried out my alma bb bag in rouge grenadine to complete this look <3 br="">


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Bracelet c/o Prettyrize


My bao zi nephew, Jayden had just returned home from a bday party and  directly run to me to be photographed together when he saw me taking photos! hahaha . (I wore my mom's bag at first but then changed it because mom said a red bag was better. my mom is the bestt, ikr!?)

IMG_1538 copy

This is the 2nd version of the outfit. For a more 'relaxed' look, I wore a pink knitted cardigan c/o Romwe , my sister's lace headband, and cambridge satchel company bag in neon yellow (11").



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  1. Omg all those stuffs!!!! Luvluv <3 Outer nya warnanya lucu sekaliiii, n totally in love with the head pc!!! That lil bag also looks cute on ya Veren!!


  2. your look is really sweet veren! :)
    would you like visit my blog?

  3. So cool :'D still managed to read your blog even though I have test tomorrow! Stay cool! <3

  4. cute outfit! such an inspiration for valentine's day :3
    and that little kid is cuteee i want to pinch his cheek <3

    xoxo, Jessica

  5. Beautiful! Lovely dress, hair, and pumps. You look amazing! The necklace is also lovely looking.

  6. oh my ! you look sooo adorable and pretty veren >.<

  7. love the dress ci ! your hair looks amazing >.<

  8. You are adorable!
    Love all the colors in your outfit. The dress is super cute :)
    Great blog! Would you like to follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin?

  9. That "playing with closet time" It's fun! Do this sometimes too! :)
    Anyway love the blue dress. You look so pretty

  10. I bought that cardigan too from romwe, it really suits u well veren.. Altough it seems too big for me too..

  11. so pretty veren! love the femininity ! <3

  12. absolutely in love with your green heels!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  13. Fell in love with your green heels ❤

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