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Helloooooooooooooo! I really missed my blog after a very very busy week of preparing my school's prom! It was successful and fun, which I couldn't thank God enough for that. I lost around 2kg because of the pressure and stress that I had as the event's coordinator (like an eo, I looked for ideas, concept, performances, nominations, design, songs, etc for the party). I couldn't sleep for 2 days, I kept rolling from sides to sides on the bed everytime I couldn't fall asleep, I didn't have any appetite to eat due to my nervousness, and I kept checking on the event's run down all over again to make sure I wouldn't miss a thing before the D-day. The pressure was so much bigger than last year since last year's prom was also a success, so I had to make it even moree entertaining and better than last year. (Last year, I was the junior in Osis (student council) , so I didn't feel that nervous since I had my senior).
 Thank God!! this year, my team (the event's organizer team) 's teamwork was so good . Everyone worked hard and did their job quickly and well. I am really really relieved \(^o^)/


Anyway, on my, an anonymous said a really stupid statement to me, "why do u keep on mentioning osis (student council) on ur ig / blog? SHOW OFF?"

Lol. I couldn't help but to laugh at him/her. I really AM the student council's member. And I'm always proud to be one. I don't get why she thought I brag about it when it's really the story of my daily life. I was just sharing on my IG that I was very busy preparing my school's prom which was my priority at that time esp to my sponsors who had been asking me when I'd post the photos. And my blog has always been my online diary where I write about my life. Not only my outfits, but I also like to write about my thoughts and my days at school. They're all facts, not something for me to brag about.


And there was also one time where another anonymous tried to attack me by saying that I shouldn't show my achievements when I won the 2nd place of computer olympiad and best student, because there are much many people who are better than me. Well, it's my life, it's a very happy news for me, my parents, my family, and my teachers. Why can't I share about it? Why do I have to stay silent about it? It's not even a crime. I know I'm nothing compared to genius people in this world. But it's my ig, my blog, my twitter, my share whatever happens to my life that I feel like telling it to others. Maybe it can be an inspiration to others. I'm aware that there's always another sky above sky.

When people say I'm smart, cute, active at school, blogging, and maaany more, I am grateful about it. But one thing that those haters should know about, those are not something that I gain instantly. I always want to try new things in my life and fill up my time with many activities.

 I was fat and ugly. I tried to do diet and learned how to dress up and do my make up.

When I was in elementary school, my mom really payed attention to my grades, where she would be mad if I got 98, which made me to always study hard until now so that I won't disappoint her.

Being active at student council, is something that I chose to do wholeheartedly. I could be lazy and inactive from those things if I wanted to. But then, I always think that joining the school's student council will be a great experience for me rather than doing nothing at home. We learn about team work, leadership, dealing with many people, creating events, being creative, and ,many more.

Being a blogger, is also not as easy as what others think, especially to a student like me. Sometimes when I am already so busy and there are so many tests at school, I just want to rest, sleep and fool around at home on weekends. But then my heart and mind will be bothered by the thoughts of the hiatus on my blog and I had to take photos for my sponsors. But then, I really don't want to neglect my blog because I really take it as my online diary.

What I want to say is, by saying all of this, I don't have any intention to brag myself. But, I am very sure that anyone can also be smart, pretty, active, and many more if they have a strong determination. It's something that we can achieve with our efforts. Hating others because you're envious of what they have is just the most useless activity ever. You gain NOTHING from it.
You want to be pretty? Start taking care of yourself and learn from various sources! (magazines, blogs, youtube, ur mom, ur sis, etc.).
You want to have good grades? Study! (one of my classmates is very dilligent and she's the one who showed me that dilligency can beat talent !)
You want to be an active student? Sign up as the student council member or join any other extras at your school.
You want to be a blogger? Start a blog and write with your heart and consistency.
You want to be good at sports / music / cooking / dancing / drawing? Learn, learn, and learn...

Let me end this long thoughts by quoting one of my life's motto which I've written on this blog for multiple times; "when there's a will, there's a way". Nothing is impossible.. Always believe and never give up to try. You can be whatever you want to be! If you fail and don't feel like continuing, you can always try other options.. There are like so many things that you can explore in this world. I hope you're not bored with this topic that I often bring to this blog... but some of you really need to read this before hating on others. Remember, while you're hating on others, trying to make that person down and dragging him/her to the same ordinary life of yours... those people might not be affected with what you say. Instead, they'll rise even higher and leave you even further.


These are some photos of my just-for-fun pre-sweet17 photoshoot that I did with my bro last month. There are 5 other different concepts and this is the first concept. No need to freak out with the red lipstick since it's for photoshoot purpose only. This was one of my fav make up done by @vamakeupartist (ig) because I looked different and more 'charismatic' here. Hahaha. I wanted to show a feminine yet bold image of myself in this concept.


location : motoinc

Black apricot striped strapless dress c/o sheinside


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  2. Hello, Veren!
    I always come to your blog when you post a new blog post, but I think this is my first time leaving a comment here hoho
    Yeah I really really agree with your statement! Even I'm not a well-known person like you and the others, but I think the same thought as yours. I also don't know what the hater(s) think and what's the reason(s) why they judge you that easily without thinking, I wish they will live their life rightly and I wish God will shows them to the right path and no more envious to each other.
    Btw, congrats on the successful of the school's prom!

    With ♥

    A Red Crown Girl by ILS

  3. Don't worry about the people who keep on criticizing you. There's nothing wrong in being proud of your achievements. But there's a big difference between being proud and bragging. Just ignore them :)
    And hey, you look different here :)

  4. Lovely photos! and you look so pretty and stylish as usual! your outfit really match the background too :)

    and, you're famous so of course some people will say mean things too you. Just be strong and don't let them affect you. It's your life and it's not your fault they aren't as famous or pretty as you! hahahaha cheers!!

  5. Good luck for the prom! I know how you feel about it since I was also a EO for senior's prom last year :)
    Anyway, with that makeup you look like Jen fromheadtotoe ! haha you're pretty.. and your outfit is cool!

  6. I love you vereeeen .... makin lama makin cantik aja. Kata2 kamu bikin aku termotivasi. Kamu itu cewek kuat.... kamu patut bangga dgn smua prestasi2 itu. Have a nice day ;)

  7. what a cute photoshoot!
    anw dont mind the haters, they are just jealous :)

  8. This post is so inspiring<3 ya i agree with you, feeling so encouraged, especially I am having my examinations right now, and it encourage me to study even harder :p Thank you pretty, and have a nice day for you :)

  9. These photos are so stunning! Love your outfit, Ver!
    I think it is only natural to be proud of what we achieved. Don't mind the haters really, they just probably hate themselves for not having that strong will of doing things with passion like you do! :) xx

  10. you look so pretty veren!

  11. Lovely, red lip colour suits you best ^^

    恵美より ♥

  12. You look like a porcelain doll. So cutie!

    The Dressing Diaries by Nikka
    Love Nikka

  13. Veren, let the haters hate. You're a strong girl and don't let them put you down! Keep smiling as you always do.
    Ooohh Veren's gonna turn 17 soon! No longer a little girl that I saw few years ago from this blog, you've grown to a pretty lady now!

    cheers :)

  14. You are beautiful and smart, don't care what those haters say. Let those envious people drown in their envy.

  15. love ur dress ^^


  16. Vereeeeen ini cakepnya maksimallll !! <33


  17. It's soooo normal if you feel proud with your achievement, I guarantee that everybody will feel proud about themselves if they reach good achievement.
    And I 1000% agree with your statement above that nothing comes instantly, hard work is a must!
    By the way, you look very different here, you much more prettier!
    You've grown up Veren!

    Wulan Wu on Bootsy Doopsy


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