My Bedroom & Closet Room Tour

This is the video that I finally made after hestitating a lottt...My bedroom is so messy everyday... except in the morning after my house helper cleans my room.. Please understand that I'm so busyy I barely have time to arrange my stuffs T.T.

I filmed my room last Sunday, where I had some free time to clean and tidy up! My closet room is located in front of my bedroom (separated). It's originally my belated grandma's room. After she died, it's full of me & my mom's stuffs and day by day it's getting messier and so full of clothes. So, we decided to renovate that room to be my closet's room. The design is made by an interior designer in Tegal, but I asked him to make this and that according to my needs. My mom already has her own wardrobe in her bedroom, so this closet room mostly contains my clothes :). 

Please keep in mind that I do this video to share to you how I arrange my bed room and closet room, which may be an inspiration for others if they're going to renovate their room. You can also guess my personality, my style, based on the design of my bedroom and the clothes in my closet room. I don't have any intention to show off.  Thank you! Hope u enjoy watching my video ;)


  1. this is the first time listening to your voice, cool!
    it must be so great to have our own room, i am sharing with my sister, and it is a great one too! :) btw two thumbs up for your wardrobe and wardrobe collections, huge! love your video dear

  2. nice video!! so envy with your wardrobe.... lot's of dress and shoes and bag and etc.... <3.<3
    btw your voice is so mature veren.. i didn't expect your voice sounds like that despite your petite body. ^^

  3. there's a lot of thing in your closet room ! so envy !!

  4. I love your closet room so much <3 wish i have one oneday (:

  5. i wish i would have a walk in closet someday :D

    Pudding Monster

  6. really enjoy watching your video :D i wish i could have a closet room like yours, <3

    This is real and This is me

  7. I see your english really improved! I love the way you; so natural when you talk english and the way you're so true with your video tour. Some of them really put so much effort on decorating before filming and somehow it lookes so fake (since we know most of our rooms are... Messy!)

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  8. Was wondering, by what app did you edit this? I love how it match with what you do on video with the backsound, it is also not boring after all. Good job on making vlog! :D

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