Benefit Giveaway by Clozette ID!

I have a happy news for you, guys!

CLOZETTE INDONESIA is having a GIVEAWAY with Benefit's THEY'RE REAL! Push Up Liner as the prize!

This is so PERFECT for all of you who've been longing to have an amazing eyeliner.

 Apa bentuk eyeliner andalan Clozetters?

Lihat koleksi bentuk eyeliner dengan mengklik panah berwarna pink disebelah kanan.
Pilih bentuk andalan Clozetters dengan cara menuliskan di comment box dibawah page ini (click).
Tersedia 5 buah Benefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner bagi 5 Clozetters yang beruntung

Please CLICK HERE to read more details about this giveaway and don't forget to SIGN UP first as the member !

By the way, my favorite type of eyeliner is FELINE! It elongates my small eye :)