How I do My Make Up

Hi! Finally I make another highly requested video, about 'How I do My Make Up'. I don't wear make up everyday since I'm still a high school student. When I go to school, I only use concealer and compact powder. 

Even most of the products I'm using here are actually my mom's, but she gave it to me since she didn't like them. But they surprisingly are good for my skin. Like this CHANEL's VITALUMIÈRE Satin Smoothing Fluid Make up (liquid foundation), it doesn't give me any break out like other BB cream / foundation that I tried before (ugh all bb creams never suit my skin!). My skin also becomes smoother. So I really like this product. The coverage is good too. Price doesn't lie! Thanks mom! ;D

This is the make up that I wear to go to the malls / photoshoot. I've been sticking to this style of make up for over a year. lol. I have monolids, so I always use double eyelid tapes because they DO really make my eyes appear bigger! It's not easy to stick double eyelid tapes at firts, but as time goes by I'm already used to it and don't feel my eyes heavy at all. Beauty sometimes need a little pain! Lucky you, who have double eyelids! :'D

And also, as u can see in the video, I don't have a flawless skin. I have pimples too, especially when I'm on period. Look at that crazy big bump on my forehead T.T. But luckily there's a concealer and they can cover my dark circles / acne scars. This MAYBELLINE clear smooth healthy mineral concealer that I'm using also don't make my pimples go worse, so I like this product since it suits my skin.

If you ask about my skin care routine, I only use Avene Gel Moussant Facial Wash 2-3x a day, in the morning after I wake up, after coming home from school at noon, and before I go to bed. (I get them from Singapore's GUARDIAN) , Evian facial spray after I wash my face (to hydrate my skin) (You can find at any branch of Guardian), and night cream from my dermatologist. I use facial masks from etude / the face shops once a week. I don't use sunblock since I haven't found one that suits my skin. You may also recommend me a good sunblock for combination skin if you know! :)

For more info about the products I'm using at this video, please READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX in the video! Thank you so much :)


  1. so pretty! you make it seem so effortless :)

  2. what a very useful blogpost! ;)

  3. so pretty! thanks anyway :)

  4. i also wearing black eyelid tape for my daily makeup routinee..
    it really help a LOT.... ^^
    glad we use same technique

    if you don't mind you can watch my tutorial too :

    Thank you

  5. nice one Veren! <3


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