Smapite's Prom 2014 - Burlesque The Masquerade Party


Finally here's my blogpost about my school's prom. It's super late, I know. It was held in early May but I just got the chance to pick out some photos and edited it to be published here. Sorry! T.T.
I'm going to write how the prom was from my point of view as the event's coordinator. I'm so proud that this event was 1000% prepared by the student council. It's the biggest annual event at my school and is the most awaited party of the year! An anon once told me not to show off about my role in student council because I kept telling everyone on my blog/ig about my student council activities which is quite stupid since my intention is just to tell what actually happens in my life everyday including my school life, which also includes my activities as the member of the student council . Maybe it can be an inspiration/ fun story to be read by other students.. geez, people these days! -_-


This was how the stage looked like. It's held at our school's hall. It's so different than last year and so much more upgraded too. We used better lighting, decoration, and also used a video wall (that big screen in the middle). This event was attended by the school's headmaster, teachers, and all students from grade 10,11, and 12. It's held from 5pm- around 10pm! There were so many performances by the students. My music teacher asked every class to make a good performance at prom (whether it's singing/dancing/drama).



My outfit! It was a masquerade party but I chose to wear a headpiece with a mesh fabric (as a subtitute to the mask) which was especially made by my sister @petitebelle because it'd be easier for me to coordinate the event :p. (Dress: / shoes : schutz / bag: celine)


Everyone wore masks! :p


Confettis at the red carpet from the crackers which were popped when grade 12 students entered the hall.

Prom King & Queen Election

They were asked with many questions about their knowledge of our school and other funny questions. ahahha! It was a fun election and voted by our teachers. There were also nominations for the most handsome senior, the most beautiful senior, and the funniest senior voted by grade 10 and 11!


Here are some snapshots from the performances at the prom


My class' dance performance. spot me? :p
My class performance was almost declined by our music teacher since it was a total mess at the audition time. Many of the boys couldn't remember their moves because they're not serious during our practice time. I got really mad at them because it's like they didn't appreciate the girls' hardwork who prepared everything from the concept, dance, moves, songs, etc. There were 29 of us and it's not easy to create a good formation. Thank God after that we could find a solution and the performance was done smoothly. It was a medley of a broken tango, gg's mr mr, i like to move it, and coca cola indonesia's dunia kita ;D.


The audience ft. my headmaster (Sister Filiphita) dancing along together~


A surprise to our student council's main coordinator, Mr. Ay by 12th graders. It was also his last prom here. He worked so hard with us to prepare this prom to be that 'special'. So, they invited his fiance to surprise him :'D. Good luck at your new work place, Mr. Ay! You're truly our best motivator and source of good spirit!


A pic of me when I was dancing ;P ;P


I performed twice and this time was OSIS (the student council)'s performance. We acted as TGL48's members which were invited by Mario Teguh. lol. It was messy and cheeeeesssyyyy. T_T. Maybe it's because we didn't practice the dialogues much and the audience had gotten tired after many performances. I can't even watch myself at the video. So I'm only gonna share a pic. T.T


Photobooth time with my fellow bff + student council members during dinner time. We changed our heels to flats too... It's too tiring to run from here to there with heels T.T #EO'sproblem

The 12th graders also got the chance to fly these sky lanterns during dinner time . It was a garden party dinner with some accoustic music as companion at our school's field :).
Overall, it was a great party. I and my fellow student council members were very happy when this event succeed after sooo many preparations. I hope it's a memorable prom and farewell party to our seniors. I even couldn't sleep and lost almost 2 kgs because of stress and nervous feeling :'>. It's something that I'll remember until I'm old and I'm very lucky to take part as the event's coordinator. For you, who'll be a senior high school student soon, I recommend you to join your school's OSIS (student council). Although it may take your time, but it's a really great place to create and get so many experiences that'll be useful in the future. You'll have more friends, and learn to work with many people too. 

Next year, I won't be a member of osis anymore, so I can relax and enjoy the party to the very best . lol . Any ideas what theme we should have next year? :D. Btw, you can read  my blogpost about last year's prom here. (it's more focused on my class' performance, though)


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