HairSpainJar Honey & Candleberry Review


I'm the type of girl who doesn't really spend my time in a hair salon. I'm so active that I prefer walking / shopping to sitting in a salon when I have a leisure time. But in the other hand, I also need treatment for my hair.


I looveee purchasing home-treatment hair products such as hairmask / hairspa. Recently, I got myself these Honey & Candleberry hairspa from HairSpainJar, and here's my review after trying them out for several times! ;)



Honey is one of the natural ingredients that has many benefits for our hair. At least, the 6 benefits of honey for your hair are:
  • Maintaining the humidity of your head skin
  • Preventing split ends
  • Overcoming thin hair problem
  • Making a shinier hair
  • Strengthening hair roots
  •  Overcoming hairloss problem
What I like from this HONEY hairspa:
  • Smells so good and fresh
  • My hairloss problem has gotten better 
  • No more split ends!
Candleberry (Kemiri):
 Candleberrys extract nutrition can moisten your hair till your hair shaft. The aroma that it gives has already been extracted with essential oil, so it produces a very soft and fragrant aroma.
At least, there are 4 benefits of candleberry for your hair's health, such as:
  • Help to give 'shiny' effect to your black hair
  • Maintaining your black hair
  • Moisten your hair till your hairshaft
  • Making your hair look healthier and stronger
What I like from this Candleberry hairspa:
  • Yes, it smells very soft & fragrant
  • My blackhair which was getting 'red' before because of curling iron is now slowly getting better
  • Makes my hair really soft and smooth

So if you're having hairloss / split ends problem, you should try HONEY hairspa. If your hair looks red because of curling/iron/hair dryer , you should try CANDLEBERRY. 
I feel so happy everytime I've just washed my hair with hairspainjar's products. My hair smells so good, feels so soft and smooth :'>.


HairspainJar is such a great alternative for home-treatment for your hair. Not only it's more affordable than going to a hairsalon, but the products also give the real benefits that they promised! :)
Thank you @hairspainjar!


  1. the products look great !
    would love to try
    but you do have beautiful hair veren!
    style frontier

  2. my hair is always messy and sometimes it just sticks out all over the place, i really dislike it :(
    i think i would love to give this product a try!

  3. great review <3

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. the product looks super interesting! thank you for sharing Veren ;)

    Pudding Monster

  5. I often have a very flat hair, especially in my bangs T.T and i hate it a lot T.T no wonder why you have great hair. Thank you for sharing <3

  6. cantik banget verennn <3

  7. that smilee <3 <3 <3

    so pretty! ^^


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