Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion


Applying body lotion has always been my daily routine before going out. My daily activities consist of going to school, to the gym, and several events that I'm invited to as a blogger! Everyday, I am exposed to the direct sunlight especially at school or when I walk to the gym from my apartment. It's not good for my skin! Therefore, I always get myself a bodylotion that contains a UV protection to protect my skin. Recently, I've been using Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
as it's perfectly suits my needs. Keep reading to read my review about this product ;)


Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is a body lotion that contains seaweed, lime, vitamin B3, and UV protection that can nourish, brighten, and protect our skin. The 'gel' form of the lotion also makes this body lotion easily absorb to our skin and it's also not sticky! That's just perfect for people with many activities to do everyday, because a sticky lotion can distract and make us feel uncomfortable.


When I first tried this product, it gave me a cooling sensation on my skin and absorbed to my skin just seconds after I applied it! The smell is also very fresh and fragrant. I never feel any sticky effect on my skin every time I use this product, which means it's proven that this Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is non-sticky and the best product for busy ladies!


If you meet me at the gym, you can see that I always apply Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
body lotion after I take a bath. I just loveee how cooling it is after a hot sauna session that I usually have before showering! hahaha! 

Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is specifically created for busy and successful ladies who have many activities on a daily basis. (And oh! This product also has halal certificate from MUI, so moslem women don't have to worry!). There are many inspiring successful young women in Indonesia nowadays. Entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and many more inspire me to be better and better everyday. Being productive is a very nice thing! As a full time college student and part time blogger, I feel that this is the best body lotion for me! I start my daily activities in the morning, so I apply this product before going out and also in the evening after I finish my work out routine at the gym.

By the way, Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion
is having a competition!


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Marina UV White Hydro Cool Body Lotion

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  1. i wish i could get my hands on this! i have bee trying out so many body lotion but i hate the stickiness it leaves on my skin! definitely trying this out if i can get it at my place :<



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