First Day in Seoul


Hello everyone! How are you? Term 2 had ended last April and I didn't get the chance to update my blog because I went to South Korea for 12 days straightly after I finished my final projects ;P.
This was my 3rd trip to South Korea and this time I went with my friend Leslie! I found cheap airplane tickets to Seoul last December, but my parents were unable to go with me due to my dad's friend's daughter's wedding. When I asked her to go to Korea, she immediately said yes so we bought the tickets right away. lol. Both of us are 'korean-freaks'. We went to sooooooooooo many places in 12 days and there are just so much photos, so I'd make 1 post for each day.


Right after we landed, we purchased T-Money (a flash card to ride the subway trains) and pre-paid sim card (it's active for 15 days, the price is around 36.000 won for 1GB of data + credits for phone calls & sms. I didn't remember the exact amount tho. It's really waaay more expensive than Indonesian's carriers. 1GB of data is such a small amount for an active social media user like me. hiks).

As I was so hungry and it was past lunch time, I decided to buy 2 most favorite (or mainstream) snacks in Korea; BANANA MILK & HONEY BUTTER CHIPS! Both were so delicious!


We had lunch at a random korean restaurant in Sinchon, 1 subway stop away from Hongdae (where we stayed in Seoul). We had Beef Kalguksu (beef soup with knife cut noodles) & Yukgaejang (spicy beef soup). The restaurant's owner didn't speak English and it's so funny when we ordered the food. I can read han gul so I know the menu but I'm not good at korean grammars.


We strolled around Sinchon and found Hyundai Department Store. We had ice cream at Godiva (hella expensive and it's waay too sweet & creamy for me) and did some shopping!



STYLENANDA in Hyundai Dept Store's Sinchon.


In the evening, we went to Myeongdong. I found Yoo Si Jin at Olive Young store & couldn't help to take a pic. HAHA.



I love gyeranbbang (egg bread). It's one of the maaaaaaany street foods sold at Myeongdong. Most of them are quite expensive for 'street food'. They're around 3000 - 8000 won!! I didn't expect korean street food to be this expensive... Well, some street food stalls in different areas like Hongdae , Sinchon, are cheaper tho. Street foods at Myeongdong & Dongdaemun are expensive!! Note that! So you shouldn't buy common street food (that u can find almost anywhere in Korea) like tteokbboki, kimbab, fish cake, soondae, fried chicken at those expensive areas (tourist spots) because u can get them cheaper at other places easily.


At around 11pm we went back to Hongdae and Leslie recommended this chicken restaurant (Poulet Chicken)  that she went years ago. She said the carbonara chicken above's the winner , plus the owner's handsome. lol. True. The chicken was delicious and I ate almost half portion of the honey chicken , but the handsome owner was nowhere to be seen. xD.

Poulet Chicken
364-1 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Directions: Take exit 9 out of Hongik University station (Line 2). Walk straight and turn left at the intersection. Walk all the way up the hill until you’re facing the main entrance of Hongik University. Turn right, cross the road and walk into the lane (not along the main road!) so the playground’s on your left and shops like Baskin Robbins and Tom’s Project are on your right. You should be able to see a huge orange signboard that says “뿔레치킨” in front of you. (credits)


So the first day in Seoul ended with a satisfied and bloated tummy xP.
See u on next post! You can ask me questions about my trip to SK to my


  1. The Poutlet Chicken looks soooo mouth-watering <3<3

  2. wow the food looks so yumyum <3 pls post the beauty/fashion haul that u got there xD

  3. and korea's lighting and sunshine is the best!!
    foto se random mungkin, cahayanya tetap dapet!!

    and i wonder, kalau veren udah ke korea 2x, kok yang ke 3 baru beli t-money?

    can't wait your next post about the next day at Korea

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