Full Make Up Look with Moko Moko


Wohooo! I'm so excited to introduce you a local make up brand, MOKO MOKO. They sent me their products and I've tried them. There are eyeshadows, gel eyeliner, mascara, bb cream, two way cake, lip tint, and blush on.


MOKO MOKO is an Indonesian make up brand, but their products are formulated in Korea. They wish the ladies who wear MOKO MOKO's products can achieve natural korean beauty look!


MOKO MOKO's BB CREAM in shade Fair!
The texture is light , blends quite smoothly on my skin, and it has medium coverage. It stays on my face all day long. Rate: 4/5


After applying bb cream, I applied a sheer amount of two way cake. I don't like my make up base to be too thick, and just a light amount of it already does the coverage job ;). The pic above is the result of the bb cream + two way cake.


For the eyeshadows, I loveee how pigmented they are! The colors really pop out even just with 1 stroke! I don't need any eyeshadow primer. Rate: 5/5.


I also love the gel eyeliner. It glides smoothly, thick, and doesn't smudge even after hours of wearing it! Rate: 5/5



This is my eye make up using MOKO MOKO's eyeshadow and gel eyeliner. I used the blue one on my lower lash line. The color is a bit too bright for my natural & simple daily look, so I only applied a small amount of it.


I still have eyelash extentions, so I couldn't use their mascara yet! This is how the brush look like! It will help u to curl your lashes up easier :)


And here's my favorite product. LIP TINT! The color is bright yet natural and it's very easy to apply it on my lips with the pen-shape applicator. You only need to apply a sheer amount to create a natural look, or else it'll look too bold! It's also quite long lasting . Rate: 4/5.



Lastly, I put the orange blush on onto my cheeks! It's also very pigmented. I only applied a small amount of it and it already gives me shimmery orange look on my cheeks :). Rate: 4/5


The last photo is taken houuuurrsss after I applied make up in the morning! Nothing's smudged and everything's still on fleek ;p. Overall, I love MOKO MOKO!

You can purchase MOKO MOKO at INDOMARET and online ( here )


  1. Thank you so much for the review! Now I am intrigued to try their lip tint. Will try it soon~

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