Yesterday soulsisters (my dance team) participated in Emeron Lovely Roadshow with Cherrybelle (Indonesian Girlband) event at SMK Pius Tegal. The event was fun and crowded. I'm so happy my friends came to watch our performance, and our performance was successful and got nice respond from the audience :)

We also did a cover of cherrybelle's famous song, love is you. here is my awkward face -__-

This is the best dancer in my team, Gabriella The :)

I don't know why but I never look good on camera whenever I dance T.T. My dance team members wore my clothes because we don't have much time to buy same clothes because there's not any good shop in my city. And since we danced to remix songs (cute + RnB) we decided to wear skorts to mix the cute and 'cool' style. Aaanddd. the person who owns a lot of skorts is mee... hahaha ;p

Most of cherrybelle's fans who came in the afternoon were girls, and when cherrybelle performed at night, the audiences mostly are boys. The girl fans were so rude at night. I think they're too tired watching other performers since 4pm and couldn't wait for cherrybelle, there was a band who's just on the stage and the fans yelled at them and told them to get off from the stage. Thank God my team's turn was in the afternoon (before the break) -_-. I'd directly cry on the stage if the audiences told me to get off from the stage -_-

The ending 'pose'

 Had fun in cherrybelle's photobooth

Hello I'm cherrybelle's 10th member.. lol.. kidding ;P

Can u see the excited fans when cherrybelle came? They sang pretty well. I must say cherrybelle is the only Indonesian girlband that I love (and I know beside 7icons). I think some of them sang live, some of them (who didn't have a really good vocal) lipsynced or sang with small voice. They looked pretty and danced energetically too.  

 I want to share my performance's video , but it's still on process. When it's done, I think I'll post it on my blog :D. Do you want to see it?

 BIG THANKS to Leticia who took the photos! :D

p.s : I'll have 2nd try out start from tomorrow until Thursday, and next week I'll have mid-term exam, so I think I won't be able to reply your comments. Thank you so much to all of who who left comments on my posts. I'll reply back when I have time, okay? See you! :D

Today's song : FT Island - Severely (I've been repeating this songs for the past few days)


  1. You look so cute! Really lovely post!


  2. you look so cute. ahhh when i saw this post i really miss my dance team!

  3. Aww you and your dance group looked like you preformed very well. Congratulations

  4. Love all your outfits really match for you and your friends ^^


  5. Thank you Veren!<3 4 of you both looked so cute:D I love your colorful outfit, and your friends too:D

  6. You and your friends are all so cute! xx

    The Niknok Style

  7. wish i could watch your performance..

    The ending pose also very cute and perfect <3


  8. you guys looks so cute! <3

  9. wow you girls look so cute..
    I love your outfit a lot veren ;)

  10. you guys looks really good! <3

  11. Can't wait to see your video Veren, it must be so awesome :) Congrats for you and good luck for the try out! ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  12. U look pretty, so do your dance team..:D

    Did your friends took some videos of you? i really want to see your dance~ :3

    and, oh..thanks for visiting and left comment in my blog..:)


  13. the last pose is awesome, i cant wait for the video! <3

  14. All four of you Soulsisters look lovely. Glad you and your girls had fun at this event. Nice pictures, and the Cherrybelle (which is a cute name for a band) ladies look lovely as well.

  15. awww, veren, i'm so proud of you! jadi pengen lihat kamu ngedance, deh. pasti nggak kalah keren sama cherrybelle :) it's nice kamu mau share wardrobe kamu sama temen2 soulsisters. u had a angle's heart :)) sukses terus, ya dear :)

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  17. FIGHTING for your try out ,sister!!!

  18. aaa you look so cute veren!
    and you know what, i like cherrybell too! hahaaaaaaa *blushing

  19. well, i dont like cherrybelle but i'd like to see your performance vid ^^

  20. wowww greatt
    mind to follow me back anw?
    I'm 14 too, eh!
    but mine is just soooo ugly,

    cheers, buddy!

  21. Aww.. You soul sisters look absolutely adorable :)

    Goodluck with the try out!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  22. wow it must be a great opportunity to perform in the same event with cherrybelle :) seems like you had a great time!

    join my snakeskin clutch giveaway if you're interested :)

  23. what a great event! you are lucky to be on that stage, you guys are great dancers :D


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