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Hi! I'm so happy today because the 2nd try out has finished this morning. I hope I'll get the best results! The 2nd try out was good because there's only one subject per day, so we had more time to study, and we went home at 9am! That was an a.w.e.s.o.m.e thing for a student like me. I like that better than sleeping in the class because of boredom. 


I bought this super cool top from Only I, I've worn this outfit twice with two different shoes. The first outfit I wore it with gold glitter wedges from UP, and the second I wore it with silver glitter sneakers from zara kids. I wore the first outfit when I went to church last Tuesday and wore the 2nd outfit when I went out with my friends. :)




top - only i , sleeveless shirt worn underneath - bershka, jeans - gap kids (I wore it for 216546431 *lebay angkanya* times already but still like it very much)


Well. Few weeks ago (I don't really remember when), I checked my formspring account and received some hateful comments from anonymous. It wasn't my first time actually. I think in 2010 there was also an anonymous attacked me on formspring till I decided to deactivate my formspring account for awhile. At that time it really made me sad and lost my spirit to continue blogging every time I remembered those harsh words. But now, It's not the same anymore because recently another anonymous left such a stupid comment on my formspring. She (I don't know if she's a girl / a boy / a transsexual, but let me describe her as a she) said that I have a boring style, smile, and also she asked me to quit blogging (and at the end of her sentence, she said "love you". wth? you described yourself as my hater and you said "love you". so you love me / hate me?? lol). I was like... what?? You're not even my mom, or my dad, or my uncle, or my aunt, or my sis, or my friends. You have no relations to me and you dare asking me to quit blogging? And then I realized how stupid she is. If you don't like my blog, you should stop reading my blog, and never ever type my blog url again. If you don't like my blog, why should you spend yout time by reading my blog? If I have a boring style, smile, etc and it bother you, just click the close button and never ever visit my blog again.  Isn't that simple ? I'm pretty sure if you do that then you don't need to waste your time to left harsh words on my formspring anymore. My blog is not a radio who plays all song including the songs you hate and you like but you can't skip it. My blog is my online diary and I'm the only one who own and write on this blog. You have no right to ask me to quit blogging.

Well, I guess she just need some nutrition for her brain, so that she can think first before saying those words to me. Thanks for her critics about my style, it's a motivation for me to improve it, but once again, you (anonymous), you have no right asking me to quit blogging. thank you.


ring : only i 

Tomorrow I'll go to school and have normal schedule again. And next Monday until Saturday I'll have another round of exam. Seems like I'll be very busy because I'm a 9th grader now and I have to prepare for national exam. Veren, fightinggg!!! ;D *cheering up myself*

As what I've promised to you, here's the video of my dance performance. Sorry if it's not that good but we promise we'll practice harder and perform better in another chance :) .

(note : I uploaded the new version of the video. I changed the audio to the clear one so that you can enjoy it better :) )


  1. I love your top! ><
    And your group is pretty good! But one of your friends need more power ._. it's not like I'm better than you or anything but I hope you guys will improve~

  2. Love your top!
    And those sneakers!


  3. COOL DANCERS!! you are the best veren. Totall bgt kamu, suka dehh.. :)
    btw, your outfits also cool , i like your top :)


  4. I love your sneakers Veren! :D

    and for your dance video, i think your dance movement is good and powerful! :D goodjob! I like it! :D but i kinda agree w/ Audrea that two of your friends need more power when they dance. :)

    Oh yeah, the songs change so quickly and there're lots of songs (around 6?). I think next time you better choose 2-3 songs w/ similiar beat so your dance style will not change so often specially after soft movement to quick movement and to slow movement again. This changes make the dance somehow powerful/unpowerful in specific parts. :)
    With 2-3 songs, you can dance more and lessen the static pose between songs. It will make your dance looks more powerful? Ugh, I dont find the right word. >.< (dan lebih enak diliat juga karena ga banyak berenti2nya :D)

    But overall, your dance is good! :D
    goodjob and fighting for your next dance! :D

  5. Stunning dear...the UP shoes very cool.....and your shirt i love it..

    Best dancer...powerful dear...^^



  6. eerrgh when i read your story, i was so upset too. just ignore her/him. keep blogging and stay gorgeous <3

    and your only i top is really really cool!

  7. I easily love the top + jeans + wedge sandals look. Those sandals are gorgeous on you! Those jeans and the sandals look very nice together. That top is very cute and casual, even with the coral color. Your beauty sparkles and glows as you shimmer in glitter.

    Now on to the Formspring thing. Take it from my YouTube experiences- you are going to come across some great people, and then some idiots. That's the Internet; that's life. You chose to blog and share your passion with the world. I enjoy coming on ".a little princess." to see your latest posts. If I didn't care about your work, I wouldn't come here. It is too bad people choose to impose themselves on others they don't like in any way possible. So certain things like Formspring are things I try and avoid.

    The point of all of this is that I enjoy coming here and enjoy your blog. Even if other people think otherwise, at least you know you have a fan here in the United States that supports your work. Blogging is your passion (as well as fashion). Why should anyone criticize or belittle you for doing what you love? Easier said than done, but pay no mind to haters. Just keep providing the same amazing material you provide since starting this blog, Veren Lee. They don't like it? They don't have to. Just do you and let haters hate. They're just jealous of your immense appeal and charm.

  8. don't worry veren walau ada yang ngomong kayak gitu tapi yakin banyak banget yang <3 sama blog kamu !! :)
    even if we're perfect we always have someone against us!!

    and your top is w.o.w! !!!


  9. good job with the dance, veren!! I love your top btw :)


  10. love your top!! <3

    uhh, dont worry sweety :) one thing that know about your story, she/he just jealous , because you have an amazing style that they never had :)

  11. Oh my gosh I really love your style. But, I have one thing to critic in this post. The video. The sound in your video performance is so annoying. Maybe you can edit it. So the viewers can enjoy it better :))

  12. Yay a youtube video!
    I love how interesting the top is.

  13. Don't be sad ! I know that she (anonymous) was lied.
    you look rarely wearing a skinny jeans, you're often wear skirts or shorts. I love to wear those items but in my city, everyone will look at us in a weird way if we wore it, I don't know why. so, I mostly wear long jeans .
    and since I read this post I realized that my boring skinny jeans will look more chic if it folded like you do.

    It was a simple testimony that you have a really good style. you gave us inspiration. so just ignore her, and keep blogging ! xD

  14. Don't worry ci veren! keep blogging! there's so many people love you than the hater people!

    Keep smile :)

    visit my blog:

  15. love ur glittery shoes! :D

  16. cute outfit! i love your shoes! :)

    <3, Mimi
    Udderly Smooth Giveaway

  17. Awwww Veren! Don't let the anons get to you. Clearly that are just trying to bring you down because you've gone so far in the blogging world!

    I enjoy reading your blog and hope one day I can blog like you so don't stop blogging and remember keep your chin up :)

  18. such a stunning top ♥
    super love your top and your wedges ☺

  19. Oh my.... i adore your top soooo much!!!!! thats so cool!

  20. agree Veren. Our blog is our personal area, so we free to write down everything we want. Don't give too much attention for they comment. Just keep up your good work, dear.. :)

    I watch your video and your dance performance is asdfghjkl cool and powerful. Good luck for you.. :)

    And ah ya, I just started my scrapbook business, dear.. Take a look the catalog on my blog and order it if you're interested. :)


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  24. Your blog is just beautiful, I love you're beautiful! I am a member of your blog, I follow you ^ ^
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  25. dear Veren,
    Your lover is countless. Why worry to much about the hater?
    Put your chin up and keep blogging.

    Well, I'm thinking to purchase UP collection too hahha. Those shoes are fab!


  26. *lol* Oh, Veren, the older you get the more weird people you'll meet! But the good thing is, for every hateful people you meet, there will be two or more nice ones!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  27. you are very welcome!!! :))))
    how are you?? hope you are fine!


  28. I love your sneakers! My sneakers are the only one I wore to school. with black colour and white shoelace :'

    Wow it's amazing to see your dance team! your group of 4 made me remember about 2NE1 and Miss A.

    Btw, Good luck for your national exam!

  29. i love the flowiness of your top and these photos are beautiful :)
    and there are always going to be people who aren't positive as you keep on getting more exposure to the world out there - but don't let that discourage you, you are amazing :)

  30. Your blog is so beautiful<3
    Follow my blog and promote me! Thanks<3

  31. your top is amazing, i love your wedges too! looking adorabale <3

  32. never listen that hater veren. keep up ur spirit for being a fashion blogger. :)

  33. I love your top ^^ You shoes looks amazing too. Veren fightinggg!! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  34. wow awesome :D I'm following your blog^^

  35. Veren,.... aku suka sneakers glitternya.....

  36. dont worry about those people who envy you. ignore them and live your life veren! they arent worth your viewing. :)


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