This year I gave chocolates to my friends. Usually I make chocolates by myself, but this year I didn't have much time. So I bought chocolates from the nearest supermarket near my house, and wrapped them by myself :P. It was last-minute, because I didn't plan to do anything on v's day. I spent around 1 hour to wrap them all.

I got a lot of presents on v's day.  Plus, I also received my new wedges from that I purchased last month. Aren't they gorgeous??

Today I received a great news. I passed the audition for an event in my city, and got the 2nd highest score <3. I'll be able to perform with an indonesian girlband (guess,who?) at the end of this week with my dance team. Since we got the 2nd highest score and the 1st was a boy, the event organizer will make us to perform right before the actress' turn. There will be two television stations who will come to the event :D. Omg I'm very very veryyyy HAPPYYY today. It's the best valentine's day  I've ever had in my life!

Anyway, discussing about valentine's day, today at school my teacher said he didn't agree with valentine's day because he thought it means you only spend a day with love, and 364 other days without love -_-. I wanted to say "It's not like what you think actually. It's not that we only spend a day  full of love once a day and spend the rest without it, but today is just the 'special one', the day where we can show our love to our beloved people specially with some presents/other things, and the other days we still spend our life with love too. It's just like an annual celebration! Don't worry about the rest". But yeah, I kept silent because each person has different opinions, right?

Once again, Thanks God for all your blessings! I really spend today with full of love to my parents, friends, and everyonee~~. I love You! ;)